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Default Mann's for Dolphin

Anyone ever use Mann's Stretch 30s for Dolphin? If so, under what conditions do you use them and how do you rig them? Any success?

Normally I'm a naked ballyhoo, skirted ballyhoo, and artificial skirts person, but always willing to try something new.

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We have caught quite a few dolphin on the Mann's stretch lures. I usually pull the 25s, but I'm sure the 30's would work, also. We've also caught quite a few kings, AJ's, and a few smaller wahoo on them, as well. The only draw back is they foul easier than most lures (if we're trolling around scattered weeds, we don't even put them out), and when you're reeling them in (without a fish on), it's best to put the boat in neutral until they're in the boat.

I usually rig them with an 8' section of 80lb mono straight to the split ring. I have a buddy that uses a ball bearing swivel on the ring, but I don't like the way they pull with the swivel there.. And I also replace the treble hooks with 4x J-hooks. I actually just rigged one with circle hooks the other day (on the advice of another buddy who swears that they work better), but haven't trolled it yet. We'll see how it works...
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Getting the Mann's to run well at the speed I need to pull them to keep the rest of the spread looking good is tough.

I use either Rapala CD18's or Bomber 25's and 30's and they work great on Mahi and Wahoo, Kings, Blackfin and just about everything else, too- even a BIG Black Grouper.
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