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Gudebrod is back in action now.......
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On the SDS. I fish a Calstar 7465H. On the Avet Raptor HXW, I would fish it on a Calstar 770XXH. On the other reel. I'd fish a 7465M or 770XH. I have a 2x4 and it's a great rod, but I like Calstar myself.
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Originally Posted by LI32 View Post
You are 100% right on the action - fast tip blanks don't work well with roller guides, especially the Aftco Wind-Ons and Big Foots. I am partial to the more moderate Calstar (3-digit models) blanks for all my stand-up roller guide rods.

Most better manufacturers (and Ugly Stick) make rods the same for many years so that people don't accumulate a lot of orphans. That being said, many/most custom rods were built with Gudebrod thread (which was top quality), which went under in early 2010, so matching older rods, even custom, may no longer be possible.
Gudebrid is back, but that said, they have yet to ship any orders. The other companies that popped up doing thread are duplicating colors, so its really not a problem.

I agree with the calstar comments as they are great blanks but are still borderline for rollers. Turbo guides, no problem, but rollers are a bit challenging to wrap without having any guidefoot separation from the blank.
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Thanks for all the help, it looks like I'll have to go custom with great blanks due to airline restrictions. Also thanks for the PM's I'll answer them ASAP!
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