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85diver 02-18-2011 06:50 AM

Never went

Altamaha 02-19-2011 06:29 PM

Fishing in WA State absolutley sucks compared to Florida.

I live on the North Olympic Peninsula, across Puget sound from Snohomish. I can see salt water from the driveway.

Too many fingers in the pie (Commercial, Sportsfishing, Native American) plus what happens in Alaska and British Columbia affects us. Even the Killer Whales, the Feds are thinking about more restrictions on Chinook fishing as the Killer Whales feed on Chinook in the Puget Sound area and "are not getting enough to eat". Darn, I thought they were supposed to eat the seals that are decimating the salmon and steelhead!! We need a Whale Whisperer to retrain the Killer Whales on their feeding habits. The foreigh high seas fishery also affects us greatly.

Chinook Salmon fishing (we have a resident population of "feeders", young Chinook up to about 20 pounds in the Strait and the Sound) is slow this time of year, lots of restrictions also. Gotta have a boat and know where to fish. Other salmon species have spawned and are gone until the summer.

Ya gotta have a license for fresh and salt water and know the regulations, they are complicated.

Steelhead fishing is shut down on all the rivers/streams leading into Puget Sound and the Straits of Juan de Fuca because of "low hatchery returns".

Even if fish were here and the season was open, river and stream fishing is highly dependent on local knowledge: Timing of the runs, water levels and clarity, what the weather is doing (meaning has it rained too much and "blown" the rivers".) And just what "hole" in the river to fish and exactly the type of lure to use and the technique.

If you have the time and the $$ to spend, I would advise fishing with a guide this time of year in a drift boat on what we call the "west end", where the rivers drain directly into the Pacific ocean: The Hoh, The SolDuc, The Bogachiel, etc. You would have a chance of catching a Steelhead. It is cold fishing however, need warm clothes and rain gear. Might get snowed on. Water temp is just above freezing, as the west rivers are fed by snow melt.

I grew up in Georgia and Florida, On the Atlantic right on the FLA/GA state line. Keep threatening to move back so I can have something to fish for!!

A local web site dealing with fishing in my area is

A couple of west end guides post on the site.

Another site, based in Oregon but having many Washington members, is

If you still want to fish, PM your address to me and I will mail a copy of the Washington fishing regs.

wdlfbio 02-20-2011 01:10 PM

Also check bloodydecks WA for info. Quite a few folks there that can help you out.

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