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i am pretty sure i have decided to purchase a 36 yellowfin. Being new to this, i have a few questions. What Electronics package do you prefer?The Furuno's, raymarine's or the Simrad's. I am very new to this and looking at a few pre-owned YF boats. and these seem to be the package option choices, thanks in advance
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I dont think you could go wrong with either furuno or raymarine.
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Look in the marine electronics forum. There are several active threads on these brands right now.
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I sell a Boat load of Simrads to guys with Big center consols like yours. NSE12 with 4' Open Array, Structure scan Sirus Weather, Sonic Hub's. You name it. I like the other units you mentioned as well but for some reason we are getting swamped with guys looking for Simrad.

I think once they get to play with it a little at either a show or show room, They fall in love with the ease of use and the super fast response time.

Check out the Electronics forum as you can get answers to all your questions there.
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All three are great electronics packages. I'm truly impressed with the Simrad. Being slightly more menu driven did make it challenging at first, but with a little reading of the manuals. I was completely confident in the system. The recorder, radar and GPS/Plotter are amazaing.
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Raymarine - do not recommend. I had my personal experiences with them and it was not good. Read over this site and there are constant problems. There are problems with products that never get fixed and they come out with new products with new problems. They look great...don't work so great.

Furuno - recommended. Recommended both for quality of the product and quality of service.

Simrad - Questionable. I think the product quality is not where it needs to be. My Simrad AP28 has been back to the factory 5 times in 2 years. Turnaround time is terrible. Usually requires constant griping and numerous phone calls to get anything done. Last time the AP28 was sent back, after 6 weeks, they could not even confirm they had recieved it(although I could through tracking). Finally, at the end of 6 weeks with them still not able to confirm they ever recieved it, I got it back.

NSE product? Who knows. Few have them. I tried to get more information on them. I have called Simrad corporate 3 times hoping to speak to someone who has information on the product. Had to leave messages, no return calls. Emailed them 3 times, no response. Spoke to a rep at the Ft. Lauderdale show last year, got his card, called him 3 times, no response.

I will stick with Furuno who is proven over time, has great service if something were to go wrong, and makes high quality equipment.
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