Flying with your reels in carry on bag

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Default Flying with your reels in carry on bag

I flew from Newark N.J. to Panama . I packed 6 stellas 10000 and 20000's in a carry on case . There was no problem on the flight from Newark there but on my return from Panama I checked my bags and rod tube and went to the scan area and was told that I could not carry the reels on because there was line on them . I argued to no avail and had to check them . They wanted to charge me 100$ extra bag charge that I argued having a first class ticket I thought that was robbery . They omitted the 100 and I asked what would happen if my reels were damaged or stolen they said I was screwed unless I bought insurance that was 75$ . The reels all came thru ok . I have traveled to Panama many times and other far off places and never had this happen , next time I will take the spools off and check them along with conventional reels and carry on the rest of the reel . Anyone else had that problem
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I've found that the rules are different each time I fly. I don't mind precautions that insure safety but, they vary depending on whose implementing them. Next time you may have no problem with the spools.
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I always carry my reels and my dive regulators in my carry-on. They simply cannot be replaced in some countries and I will not chance having them damaged or stolen. I have never had a problem in any airport. Did you look at someone the wrong way???
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some countries consider fishing line a hazard and so is an item that must be checked in.
Many variances from country to country, up to you to check and be sure.
I definitely prefer to take my reels as carry-on luggage, but if u have no choice--check 'em in or don't bring them at all.
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I take a dozen or so trips a year to the Bahamas and the Keys. I always carry on my reels. I have never had any problem with security. You would think that with the tourist industry growing in Panama they would turn their cheek on someone coming there to spend good money fishing and boosting their economy.
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Fishing line ... really? Because someone can't strangle another with their own arm if they wanted to? That is absurd, the only place I have flown with my reels was down to Belize and I carried mine on with no problems at all. They were stradics not stellas, with the kind of coin the stellas cost they would have to rip them from my hands ...
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I flew to Cabo last September and carried my fly reels with no problem. I had heard that possibly on the retirn they would make me strip the line or check the reels. As stated it varies from country to country and agent to agent.
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Pop off the spools put them in your checked luggage and carry-on the reels.
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I have traveled to both Costa Rica and Guatemala with spinning and conventional reels for many years now. In every instance, I (and others flying with me) had no problems clearing U.S. airport secuirity with line on the reels. On the return trips, they make you check (or strip off) anything with line on it. At least in Guatemala and CR this seems to be the norm now, and not just the mood of the security agent. You basically need to check conventional reels as well as the spools from the spin gear as others have said. Realize that you are gambling with the conventional reels. I have not had one disappear from my luggage yet, but I won't be suprised when it happens.
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Part of it might have been looking for a "tip."

Another thing they worry about over-seas is having our TSA/FAA declare that they do not meet security standards. Before 9/11 this could result in our government prohibitting departures from that airport from traveling directly to our country unless the airline goes through a seperate certification program. I'm sure things are even harsher these days.
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In Costa Rica (Liberia), They carefully inspooled my 40 lb power pro, as it was considered a weapon. No doubt it was in the water the next morning. he actually missed the tow unopened packages of PP, as the greed clouded his vision

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