African Pompano

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Default African Pompano

Saw an interesting show about fishing for African Pomps in the Gulf. I have never caught one but they look fun to catch.

What depth can one to expect to catch these fish? What is the preferred bait(s)? Preferred water temp?
Finally, if you catch one- what's the best way to cook it?
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I saw the same show. My guess would be that if you repeated his technique at that wreck you and I recently discussed, you just might score.
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I catch them quite often in the summer. Hottest part of Augest,they tend to congregate on Springs.I Use the same tackle and tech. that I do when Snapper fishing. We caught them solid last year. They love Greenbacks. Seeing them Fin on the surface is an awesome sight.

Good luck.

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Pompano are tasty. I just usually saute them and they are great, they also make good cerviche. They have a sharp keel so I wear a glove when I pick them up.
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I have caught them on live pinfish in the water column. I'm not sure how to target them because it sounds like they are caught while fishing for Snap or Amberjack.
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Roscoe Jigs ....... are not just for Groupers & Cobias
Check it out ........ ICM
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Tokin- that is the spot I was thinking of trying.
To the others, I'm guessing they hang in the upper part of the water column? I missed what the guy on the show was using for bait, but it looked like he was casting upcurrent of his anchored boat using a shrimp.
Do they like the jigs worked aggressively?
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I've had great success using live pogies fished about 10-15ft off the top of a wreck. They like high relief vertical structure. Late August whe the water temps get into the 80's. They also like clear water, so if visibilty isn't around 80-100ft, move on. Their mouth and flesh is fairly soft, so don't put a ton of drag on them.
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We've caught them on butterfly jigs in 100 ft of water over some wrecks in the North GOM.

We put it on the grill that night and it is outstanding table fare.
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