ocean city trolling spread?

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Default ocean city trolling spread?

im just about to buy some offshore lures, never done it myself and looking for a good starting point. what lure spread and colors would you recomend for tuna/dolphin/wahoo trolling. any help would be greatly appreciated. btw im not running outriggers.
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i would start with a few ballyhoo rigs. of course you could buy thousands of dollars worth of fancy tuna gear but in a few years you will be tripping over it in the garage and fishing with mostly ballyhoo
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Get a good bird squid combo run it way way back out of your way for the big yellar fellars. a couple of aliens or green machines and of course ballys, got to have meat in the spread.Dont get crazy with tackle i catch 80% off the ballys but i will say a spreader bar or the bird combo is deadly on tuna. I fish ocmd and if you have any questions shoot me a message Tight lines --------------------<0(((((>((
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X3 plus a bird with a green machine for your wwb. I run a 10 rod spread it is primarily a seawitch with ballyhoo spread.
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Don't forget the islanders!!!!!!!!
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or the really cheap route... cedar plugs. ($6 each)

Here are my thoughts...they dont need to be kept cold, no rigging issues, and bluefish cant kill them.

I'd get a couple of natural, couple of red and white, some solid black, rigged on #125, 10 ft leader. Fih them very tight to the boat. Fishen on a tld 25 or 4/0 and you will have a ball.

Cedars have been used for 100's of years all over the world- Id take them over ballys and witches anyday for inshore tuna killn'.
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Thanks for info so mostly ballyhoo rigs and a chain of some sort. Any specific colors or does it not matter?
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bally's, bally's and then some more bally's - mediums are best since you can run over tuna, whites and blues as well as catch dolphin all using mediums - I use islanders, sea witches, etc. but running naked works just as well but will wash out faster - some with chin weights - always had luck with blue/white, green/yellow and a dark color like purple or red/black - run one off the transom on a planer for wahoo; will lose more than you catch on mono leaders but worth the try.
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