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Default Daytime swordfishing techniques and rigging...

just got an electric reel and want to learn more about how to do this...
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I hope you get some good responses.

I am interested to see what daytime sword fishing has different that night time.
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well depends on the area and the current but do a search on sport fishing mag site and they have a decent diagram as well as saltwater sportsman mag site. The weight is the only variable that you should change with current.
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Just a quick differance. Night time equals fishing the top 300 feet of the water column with lines starting on the surface going down to about 300 feet. Lots of lights on the bait lines and Hydroglow lights around the boat. Night time they become surface feeders!!!

Daytime is a different animal. It was found that the swords like deep water in the mud during the day between 1200-2200 feet depending on the area. They are fish with heavy weights on an L shaped bar and a heavy duty deep drop type rig with a couple of hooks!!!

Here is a good article about the guy that basically invented the daytime sword fishing!!!

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I haven't fished So. Florida for the swords but 10 to 15 years back we did a lot of it in Venezuela.

Fishing 2400 ft to 1800ft on the up slope of an edge. we would drop our baits at the 2400 ft mark and then drift up to 1800. fishing with the baits all the way on the bottom. We did not use any electric reels just 50w reels loaded with 80 spectra and a mono leader. at that depth there was only 1 brand of light that that could handle the pressure back then. It was from Krystal fishing. we rigged the leader up with 10ft or 400 to a swivel that the light attached and then a 12oz egg lead that was crimped in place above a 20ft section of 400 to a 10-11/0 J hook. for bait we used octopus, small bonitas(butterflied) or just a dolphin belly. All the baits seemed to work the same. At the bend of the hook after the bait was rigged we tied a short piece of 8lb mono to a 14lb bag of rocks. Onion sacks filled with small rocks off the jetty and weighed at 14lbs worked the best. after dropping the rig all the way to the bottom we would give a yank on the rod and break the 8lb mono. Then we tied a long balloon to the line at the surface so it stood erect. a bite was when the balloon fell over(fish eating the bait and swimming to the surface). sometimes this happened as soon as the balloon was tied on making us think we did something wrong. On days of heavy current we used 2 or 3 of the egg leads on the leader to keep the bait down. after deploying everything you just backed the boat with the current(current runs into the wind in Venezuela) to keep the line as vertical as possible.

Venezuela had 2 main ledges and 1 minor one that we fished. we never got a bite above the 1800 ft mark or below the 2400 ft mark. we never fished all day as mornings were for whitey's and blues and a few hrs in the afternoons were devoted to the swords. some days you would have 3 or 4 fish in 2 hrs of fishing. my suggestion is to find some good structure that the current flows up from the deep on and start trying until you find a productive area. I would start close to where the night time swords are caught.

Good luck

P.S. rig your baits so that they do not spin on the way down, huge mess.
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Check out Swordfish symposium at IGFA given by Skip Smith and others. It was few months back.

They have a CD that gives a lot of info , R J Boyle Tackle in Lighthouse Point sells them
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This is an excellent video from Bouncer Smith. Some really good tips
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If you go to the guys there are very knowledgeable and will answer questions
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Default Swords

I agree try Sword Fish Central, lot's of great info.
I spent a year of trial and error until I finally found a system that works for me. I still have days where nothing seems to go right but when it does the Sword is an awesome catch.
There are many techniques that are written about in great detail which is how I found the one I use.
Try different ones to see what works for you. A Google search should put you in the right direction.
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Originally Posted by Fish Magnet View Post
If you go to the guys there are very knowledgeable and will answer questions

Great site just make sure your anti virus is up to date they were having issues with bots spam and cause the site is a GIANT wealth of knowledge from both sides comm and rec.
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I run a Daiwa MP3000 with 1000 yards of 80 braid with another 400 yards of dacron backing. Then connect that to 100ft of 250 windon with wax loop about 90 feet from the end. for the weight. At the end of the windon we have a snap swivel that connects to 12-15 feet of 400lb mono rigged with squid, skip jack, dolphin belly, bonita fillet. sewn on double 11/0 offset j hooks. We use either a 10lb lead connected with 15 feet of 50lb mono and a long line clip to the wax loop on the leader so if you snag bottom you lose a weight not the whole rig. Or we use the brick pavers for weight and go a little lighter on the mono bc then we dont care if we lose the weight. we let line out driving with the current then when we get close to the depth we are fishing start driving in a circle back towards it. Get straight up and down on the line hit bottom and then pull it up anywhere from 20-100 feet. bite is usually pretty subtle so pay attention to rod tip. We hooked a 300+ and didnt notice what was going on for a minute because he bumped it and made a run for the surface. If that happens DRIVE! its fun. but make sure you go with a good group. 5 chiefs and 1 line makes for an interesting time.
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