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Default penn long beach 65

i have a number of penn long beach 65 reels that we use for cod they work great the only problem we have is that the spool almost seems like it is slightly off center making it bind with the chrome ring around it
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Ya got the left side bushing ( sometimes called bearing) adjusted properly?

Spool should "almost" rock side to side when pushed with the fingers (side play). If you can shake the reel side to side and hear the spool moving, it is too loose.

Give the reels a good lube job, adjust the left bushing and you should have no problems.

I have several 65's, I will take a look. What line are you using?

Sometimes the spool flanges will warp if a heavy drag, mono, and a big fish are involved. Or cranking up big weights. Cure is a new spool.
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Same thing just happened to 2 of mine. Having my old Capt. work on them and hopefully ready today. I'll let you know if they are working and what he did to them. I use mine for up to 40 hrs/week trolling for spanish mackerel and love them.
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Those older Penn reels have a three piece metal spool (with the sides actually press fitted onto the shaft)... Under the right (or actually wrong...) conditions it's possible to spread the spool a bit. If that occurs one or both of the sides of the spool will rub. The usual way that you get a spread spool is by winding lots of mono on under a lot of pressure. Mono line has the ability to stretch a bit under a load, but wants to return to its original condition. The result is what amounts to a "fist" squeezing the sides of the spool out. Years ago many light tackle fanatics actually had local machinists down here in south Florida create solid, one piece spools that can put up with whatever you throw at them.. Modern reels have much stronger spools so you don't hear about spread spools much any more. I've replaced many a customer's spool (the old Penn Squidders, the Jigmasters, etc.). Can't say if that's your problem but it is a possibility. The cure, if that's the problem, is a new spool. That sort of stuff is why the early Newell reels came about after he made lots of replacement parts for Penn reels and finally went on to make their own line of reels....
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Take it apart and look for the spots on the spool that are rubbing and file them down a bit. Or put a piece of paper between the spool and reel and turn the spool until the high spot hits. Mark the spot and file it a little.

PM alantani also. He may have a better solution.

Here is a tutorial on a 113. Same basic design.

You can occasionally find the spools on ebay. is where I get my parts. They also have the schematics. I have 20 or so of the Penn 85, 285, 60, 65, 66, 67 and 68's.

Edit to add: Ouch! $23 plus they have been discontinued by Penn.

There are 5 on ebay from $5 to $30, new.
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Is the center thumb screw on the outside too tight?
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