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Default Saragosa 8000 v Spheros 14000 v Cabo 70 & 80

Hi All,

New to this forum and have enjoyed reading your comments.

I'm visiting Cuba to take on those big Tarpon (100lb+), Amberjacks, Snapper, Trevally etc....

I'm new to using big reels and braid and need help please!

Have researched the reels above and can't decide which to go with...or which braid to use!!!

There seem to be so many pros and cons to each reel and the different types of braid?

I will mainly be casting poppers and plugs but may do some trolling and bottom fishing. Budget of around $250 but am happy spending less !

Saragosa 8000 sounds reliable but maybe not good so for casting lures with braid?
Spheros 14000 sounds like a bargain and ideal for casting lures...but is it really?
Cabo 80 seems like a good all-rounder but is big and heavy and maybe not as reliable as the others?
Cabo 70 - ??

As for braid!!....Power Pro, Spectra, Soft, Hard, Coated, large dia, small dia......WTF!!!!


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I really like the Saragoosa and I also recommend Jerry Brown solid braid or Tuf-Line XP. Had too many nightmares with Powerpro. I also use a Spheros 14000 and jig and cast with no problems at all.

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All the reels you mentioned should work for the purposes you mention.

The Shimano Saragosa is an upgraded Spheros -- more ball bearings which make it little smoother, better handle (machined, not cast), metal rotor on the Saragosa 14000(not graphite like the Spheros), ....

The Quantum Cabo reels are fine. Like you, I find them overly heavy and "clunkier" than the Shimano's, so I didn't buy one.

As far as braid goes, I like TufLine XP and Daiwa's Saltiga Boat Braid. On an 8000 sized reel, go with 50lbs braid, on the larger 14000 size, put 65lbs on. Stay away from Power Pro, has been debated forever and don't want to go back there.

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i would say the saragosa all the way, excellent reel i peronally have the 8000's and have never had any problem casting various offshore sized pulgs. Mine is rigged with 50lb momoi diamond braid in offshore blue. absolutley love these reels you cant go wrong purchasing one, perfect fit for your intended species targets. good luck
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i cant find the saragosa or spheros on your website....i went to shimano reels and also tried typing in those names as a search
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Thanks all, have gone for the Saragosa 14000.

But yes you're correct Rod. The 18000 is same price and holds more line AND weighs a tiny bit less - shame I didn't take more notice of the specs!

However, it is only 30yds more line and if your fish has already taken 320 yds of line you're probably screwed anyway!!!

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