Montauk Sportfishin Report 4/11/04

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Default Montauk Sportfishin Report 4/11/04

OK, Boys and Girls, Iím back, alive and kicking - or at least alive. For a while though I was
getting a little concerned. Two weeks after getting back in Montauk after a trip to Guatemala and
Belize I came down with what I thought was malaria. Finally this past Friday after spending the
day in the hospital I got some of that good news bad news stuff. And I still havenít figured out
which part was good and which was bad. I donít have malaria. I have dengue, which is somewhat
similar. But, malaria is easily treated, and for dengue, at least here in the states, the treatment is -
ďHang in thereĒ. If I was still in Guatemala or Belize, I could get a couple of injections and be
cured. I donít know if they donít know about the drug, which is called cloroquin or something
like that, or it isnít approved for use here, but in either case, Iím pretty POíd about it. Luckily this
morning was the first day that I woke up without a fever and head ache, so maybe Iím over the

Now for the latest harbor info. Every year there are changes, and this year is no exception. Capt
Fritz Hubner is no longer running the MISTRESS TOO. heís getting a little long in the tooth and
his back has been bothering him for a while now, so much so that he was canceling trips due to
weather that he probably didnít have to. The bottom line is that he sold the boat to Bart Ricci,
who mated for him last year. the whole thing was set up in 2002, but Bart wanted to get to know
the customers a little before taking over. It should work out well. Bart has been out here just
about all his life doing all kinds of fishing stuff.

The BLUEMOON is gone, sold, out of town. Capt Mark Dombrowski bought the THREE STAR
in mid 2002, changed itís name and sailed it for a year and a half before selling it to somebody up
east. Kind of a short tenure, but I here he got a good price, and maybe that had a lot to do with it.

The RASCAL & DAWN are for sale. Capt Bob Tuma has run a DAWN since they first found out
that wood floats. He sold it to Capt Bob Bozek a couple of years back, but stayed on to run it.
Then Bozek bought the old SURFMASTER, renamed it DAWN, and Bobby Dawn kept running
it. Weíll have to see what develops, but it wonít be the same with out Bobby Dawn on the water.

I always consider the fishing season here to be officially open when the LAZYBONES starts
sailing, and that happened this weekend. I didnít get down to see what was caught because I felt
like crap, but I understand that they brought back some flounder from the lake.

Actually though the cod fishing has been pretty damn good since ice-out, probably the best in a
number of years. Only a few boats were doing it from the beginning which kept it simple. Now
SEA WIFE and I guess a couple of others are also fishing, so itís getting a little crowded. Itís not
a guarantee, and if one boat does real well one day, he better leave earlier the next morning or
heís likely to find his spot occupied, and the worst thing you can do is try to fish next to someone
who has the whole pod underneath his boat. Watching guys giggling, and shouting and catching
fish is no fun.

I wonít be putting out weekly reports yet, but when there is any important news, Iíll get
something out. By sometime in May Iíll start posting regularly.

If you would like to have these reports sent to you directly, just drop me a note at And for more information about fishing in Montauk, you
can give me a call at 800 280 5565 or check out

Capt Gene Kelly
Montauk Sportfishing

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