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Default reels

any body got any expierience with the Shakespeare

Big Game Fishing Reel

i saw it on ebay i got 2 130# rods not rigged and thought for the price 250$( free shiping ) is way cheapeer than my sham gear i would pick up a pair and try um but i don't want to just waste money
i'm currently running all sham 130's on 130# bent butts don't know where i would fit these in but would have two extra guns in case
i really don't need any more rods or reels i need therapy but the price is so low i'm tempted
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Default Re: reels

No info on them but i have to ask $250 for a new 80W? You will only get what you pay for and it aint much for $250 for that size class reel. If you are going to target fish of that size class spend the money on good quality proven gear..

If it is new gear you want to try. Ask some questions about the gear comparing it to proven gear of the same class size.. I would be curious to know the the Max drag is on the reel, What is the drag material made of, Has anyone with Reel expertise like Alan T. taken one apart and measured its quality of parts and construction, Etc..
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Default Re: reels

It is the same reel from the same company as the other Tiagra knockoff reels with different names discussed here in the past. No big deal.

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