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Default 91# Bluefin Today - Regulator is 0 for 3 - 50 Tickets Left for AC Seminar

It seems like the bite is a little better over the past few days or we are just seeing a little luck after a slow 3 weeks in December but Capt. Mark nailed a fat 91" Giant this morning on our 48' Canyon Runner. No details or pictures yet as he is still fishing looking for a double and the SAT phone is not working to well.

On an un-lucky note Capt. Eddie has been fishing our 32' Regulator hard down there this past week and has gotten his bites but run into some hard luck. His first bite on Saturday was a double and he broke one off and pulled the hook 50' from the boat. Yesterday's fish was more of a hard breaker as some rough times at boat side saw the fish pull the hook. At least the 32' Regulator is getting the bites but it would be nice for the boys on that boat to break the ice with a fish.

Also I just wanted to quickly remind everyone we are very close to being sold-out for the Atlantic City Seminar.

We are offering a FREE squid spreader bar for any groups of 4 purchasing tickets together. So if you haven't done so please call the office at 732-842-6825.


__________________________________________________ ___________
New for 2009 – 15 Breakouts & 9 NEW Topics


Basic & Advanced Breakout Sessions – 9 New Topics not covered the last two years

1) Bluefin fishing on the troll or on the chunk - from Schoolies to Giants!
2) The End Game – Learn Advanced Leadering, Gaffing & Harpoon Techniques for Big Fish
3) Offshore Sharking Techniques - Canyon Runner Team Penn/Berkley/Sevenstrand
4) Water Temp Analysis – Advanced Courses for prior Attendees - Capt. Len Belcaro
5) Learn Advanced Bait Rigging for Marlin - Circle Hook/Split Bills/Mullets/Dredges
6) Learn Advanced Jigging Techniques for Tuna

7) Small Boat/Big Game Fishing - Canyon Runner Team Regulator
8) Effective Use of Your Electronics to Find Fish – Canyon Runner Team Northstar
9) Water Temp Analysis – Basic Courses for First Time Attendees - Capt. Len Belcaro
10) Learn How to Rig Ballyhoo Pin-Rigs for Tuna
11) Learn How to Rig all your Chunking Gear like a Professional Mate
12) Learn Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know about Swordfishing
13) Learn How to Rig Spreader Bars and all your Offshore Lures
14) Reel Maintenance and Repair – Penn Reel Technicians - 15-minute Demonstrations
15) Spectra/Top-Shot Techniques – Basil Pappas – BHP Tackle - 15-Minute Demonstrations

We’ll have over $10,000+ in door prizes at each Seminar including two grand prizes – a $2,000 gift certificate towards Canyon Runner Outfitters tackle and 2 days of giant tuna fishing on the Canyon Runner. Additional door prizes include Penn rods and reels, Berkley line, Pelagic Gear, Sevenstrand tackle, Offshore Innovations, Pana Pesca Baits, Iridium SAT Phones, Hydro Glow Lights, equipment donated by the RFA, CGI Finance, BHP Tackle, J&B Tackle, Fisherman Supply, Deep Sea Outfitters, The Big Game Fishing Journal/Offshore Satellite Services, Northstar and Regulator.

We will also have a FREE continental breakfast and FREE snacks and coffee throughout the day - not to mention FREE BEER!

The 2009 Seminars will be held at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, NJ - January 31 ($125/person), the Huntington Hilton in Long Island, NY - February 28 ($110/person), and the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT - April 4 ($110/person).

For information and tickets call 732-842-6825 or email us at [email protected]

Click Here for 33+ Pages of Testimonials

Click Here for Power & Motoryachting Article on our Seminars
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Default RE: 91# Bluefin Today - Regulator is 0 for 3 - 50 Tickets Left for AC Seminar

I guess I should have waited to put up this post but they did indeed hook-up again on a rigger bait with a pink and crystal Joe Shute lure. The fish nearly spooled the 130 Penn International and the boys ended up cutting off two of the rods they couldn't clear in time to aviod getting spooled.

They enventually were fortunate enough to get the fish within dart range and planted the Poon Harpoon and are on there way home with two. This fish might be our biggest of the season down there as she is 96" but much fatter than the first fish we caught back in December.

Looks like a lay day tomorrow so Mark will get up some pictures and more detail then.

I also found out why luck was on our side today as we had Mike Lockwood on the boat with us - no stranger to big fish this past year as that is the same Lockwood that killed the 935 Blue Marlin this year at the WMO.
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Default Re: 91# Bluefin Today - Regulator is 0 for 3 - 50 Tickets Left for AC Seminar

very nice job saw the one on Firday in MHC good luck and I hope to be there this weekend if the weather gets better
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