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Default Reel Cleaning?

Good morning all,
Just getting into cleaning the reels. I have a few choices for cleaner and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on any/all of them.
Break Free CLP
Penn Rod & Reel cleaner
Compressed gas (computer cleaner)

Planning on re-spooling and replacing drag washers.
I have all conventional Penns. 60, 65, 209, 320GT and 113

Any thoughts would be helpful

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Default Re: Reel Cleaning?

I use CRC Carb Cleaner. For a total breakdown and cleaning i also wash the parts down with simple green and rince and dry well. Then relube and reassemble
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Default Re: Reel Cleaning?

I use nothing but mineral spirits (many times labeled paint thinner) and drop each part as I dis-assemble a reel into a small tub of the stuff. After a quick scrub with an old toothbrush each part is laid on newspaper to dry... Any exterior part that has a decal is only dipped in the solvent for a moment since mineral spirits will begin to break down the glue that holds that decal in place. The small tub of mineral spirits (I use an old margarine tub...) can be re-used over and over again if you filter the spirits through a paper towel to pick up any solids that accumulate after two or three reels... I have one customer that sends me reels by the five gallon bucket load... Once the parts are thoroughly cleaned and dried, the re-assembly with the appropriate lubes begins. See any of Alantani's excellent reel repair threads on this board (you can almost choose the make and model of reel) for the best oil and grease to use. Good luck.
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Default Re: Reel Cleaning?

i use mild soap & warm water on the exteriors - to remove the grease on the inners i use brake cleaner and repack with new reel grease
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