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Default hooks for jigging

Is there laws about what hooks have to be used when fishing with speed jigs or butterfly jigs in the Gulf? I always use circle hooks when fishing reefs of course, but didn't know if the law applies to vertical jigging?
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Default Re: hooks for jigging

New Regulatory Requirements
What are the new reef fish gear regulations?
• The regulations will require the use of venting tools and dehooking devices when fishing for
reef fish in the Gulf of Mexico. The rule will also require all persons aboard a vessel
harvesting reef fish to possess and use non-stainless steel circle hooks when using natural

What are considered natural baits?
• Natural baits include any bait derived from a living organism, either dead or alive.
• Artificial baits which include a small amount of embedded fish or shrimp are not considered
natural baits.
• Examples of live bait include herring, shrimp, and pinfish.
• Examples of dead bait include cut and frozen fish, shrimp, and squid.
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Default RE: hooks for jigging

It doesn't apply to jigs, it only applies to natural bait for reef fish.
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