Maui Jim vs. Costa Del Mar Sunglass

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Default Re: Maui Jim vs. Costa Del Mar Sunglass

Check out KAENON. I have switched to Kaenon. Had too many problems with CDM. LOVE MY KAENONs
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Default Re: Maui Jim vs. Costa Del Mar Sunglass

I have heard good things about Kaenon, but they seem pricy for polycarbonate lenses. Smith is another good option - better quality than Costa, and better warranty by far (again, this is a dealer's perspective).
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Default Re: Maui Jim vs. Costa Del Mar Sunglass

captpepin - 12/19/2008 10:15 AMI'm looking for some new glasses to so this thread is good info for me. My current pair of MJ's are over 10 years old I have sent them back in twice for repairs. The first time for a broken side piece (my bad I broke it) at minimal charge. The second time my kid crushed them, they sent me a whole new pair, for about $10-$20 for a $200 pair of shades with a note that said. "Dear sir we are informing you that you will not be able to send these glasses back because they have been discontinued and we have no more parts." So based on my experience and what other people are saying I'm probably sticking to MJ's
I just bought a new set of MJ's today through my eye Dr. I was able to get over 1/2 the cost of my glasses paid for by insurance so I ended up paying much less than the $270 retail price.
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Default Re: Maui Jim vs. Costa Del Mar Sunglass

Shin-Dig - 12/18/2008 12:18 PM Has anyone ever paid to have a pair of Maui's repaired?

Sent to MJ for repair? - Yes - The super light titanium frames are very strong, but I discovered little flex. My bad when I tried to force/bend them a bit to tweak the arc across the bridge - snap. Sent them to MJ per their web site instructions and they replaced the frames, only cost tome was shipping.

I currently have 2 pairs of MJs. Had a pair of Costas, also very good, but I prefer MJ's optics. The MJ titanium Mahi are ridiculously light and comfortablefor long term wearing, with high quality optics that keep the eyesunstressed on a bright day on the water. Also have a pair of MJ Voyagers, larger with heavier super quality lenses. The MJ Voyagers are the only pair of glasses I've ever owned / tried that do an amazing job of cutting glare when navigating towards a sunset.
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Default Re: Maui Jim vs. Costa Del Mar Sunglass

I have both. I like both. I use CDM on the water since they are heavier and have more wrap. I also like the lenses better for fishing. I feel I see deeper with the CDM.

I use the MJ for driving. The poly lens is lighter and suits me better on dry land.

I broke the MJs when they were crushed in my carry on. Replaced for $85.00. Good deal. The lens on my CDM popped out once. I popped it back in no problem.

I also have Rudy Project for skiing. They kick ass for that.
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Default Re: Maui Jim vs. Costa Del Mar Sunglass

Kaenon all the way!!!!!!!
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Default Re: Maui Jim vs. Costa Del Mar Sunglass

Another FYI- if you buy them from a Dr's office, you usually don't have to pay sales tax (in most states at least). And the price should be the same, because CDM and MJ set a minimum retail amount I believe. So you can save 6-10% that way. It all helps!
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Default Maui Jim Vs Costa wave 580

I wear them both and like each of the lenses. There are some subtle differences, however. For the sake of this note, I'm talking only about glass lenses and not about frames as they are subjective.

The costa Del Mar wave 580 in Gray and Copper; and the Maui Jim Gray, HCL, and Rose lenses are the most optically correct lenses on the market in my opinion. Simply hold them up to the sunlight and you won't see any distortion. Period! From a subjective perspective, I don't like to wear 580 copper and Gray lens because people can see your eyes. Sorry, I like to check out the views without my wife seeing my eyes! Costa does make the 580 in Green, Blue, and silver tints where your eyes can't be seen as easy, however, the lens is not as true due to the colored tint. To prove this, simply look into a light with the glasses on and wiggle your head. You'll notice the tint reflecting a bit away from the light source. So there is a sacrifice that must be made for me. Lens quality, or not being able to see my eyes with Costa 580 blue, green, and silver.

Maui jim's filter the light at 400 NM vs 580 for the costs but your eyes cannot be seen. They are a little darker due to the Bi- gradient lenses. The Maui's are truer then the costa 580's with Green, Blue and Silver. They are the same as the costa Gray 580 and Copper 580 with respect to distortion because there is none.

Which lens is the best? My money is on the Costa gray and copper wave 580. They filter light at 580NM and do not have any distortion. That said, I wear costa green and blue 580 along with Maui Gray and Rose. It just depends on the look I'm going for on a particular day. Btw, I only wear costa 580 glass or Maui Jim glass lenses until something better comes out...

Hope this helps...
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Check out these links. The top one is a link to the Kaenon website. There is good information for the consumer to consider in that one. The bottom one is a link to a large distributor who seems to handle them all.

Personally, I have the "Rhino's" with Tobacco Polarized prescription lenses. You won't be able to pry them from my hands at death!
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I have owned 3 sets of Costas. I just switched to Kaenon in March and love them.
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i guess everyone has their own stories, many folks are down on CDM customer service, but my experience was great, my dog ate my frames, somehow didnt hurt the lenses one bit, it was my fault and i told them straight up, i was also going to be heading to a fishing extravaganza in a week and told them that as well, 5 days 60 bucks, and all was well again, its been a year and a half since then and they are still holding up great, i was impressed with the CDM service and product, but not everyone has good experiences
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No complaints about CDM warrenty in my book. I just sent them a pair of Wavekillers at least 3 years old with what looks like water spots on the lenses, $8.00 later a new pair shows up at my door step. I like the weight of the glass and CDM just seem to fit my baby calf head. The big problem for me with MJ are, they dont have much of a selection for fat heads. Great lenses Im sure.

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yes, both lens and frame. MJ sports
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Just a heads up on Costas warranty if you have prescription lenses. If you order the glasses with lenses through Costa you only get a one year warranty. If you go to your local eye glass dealer (like Pearl Vision or Lenscrafters) and they make the lenses in house for you (which will cost you much less) you get no warranty on the frames.
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I'd go for the Maui Jims. I am a lifeguard at the beach and I've gone through alot of sunglasses. Maui Jim is the only brand I haven't broken (yet). The only issue I've had with them is the fact that they like to "walk" on you. I had 2 pairs stolen last year, one prescription pair at work (on my birthday) and another identical pair (minus the prescription) at college on Halloween
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Has anyone used the Oakley fishing specific sunglasses? I have a pair of the Square Wire Shallow Water glasses which I use around Tampa Bay and I like them alot. The clarity is great and I can easily see below the water surface with them.

I also own a pair of Maui Jim South Shore sunglasses (grey lens) that I keep in my car. I like them alot also, they are very comfortable but the one thing that drives me crazy is they are heavy and will fall off of my face if I look down. The Oakley's are lighter and grab my head much more firmly. I have no problems leaning over the edge of the boat with the Oakley's where with the Maui Jim's they would fall in the water. I've also used my MJ's in the boat and can see below the surface but not like with the Oakley's. I think this is due to the lens color as the Oakley's enhance the greens and tans (grass and sand in my area) helping me see further into the water.
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My 2nd set of titanium MJs are developing cracks on the inner layer of the lenses where the holes are drilled, guess I need to test out MJs warranty/service process.

Does anyone else make something similar to MJs' titanium frames? I don't want to go without sunglasses while mine are being repaired but I hate to spend another $250 for spares.
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I'm looking at picking up a pair of MJs, I do mainly inshore fishing. Any recommendations on lens color?

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Originally Posted by NorthShoreGuy View Post
I'm looking at picking up a pair of MJs, I do mainly inshore fishing. Any recommendations on lens color?


I have both costas and MJ both in glass. MJ are way more polarized then the CD's. MJ are much darker. I use MJ on off shore trips and BRIGHT days, CD the rest. Both manufactures are very good to deal with.
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