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Default Jig head colors?

Well, its a cold Ms. coast evening; there were even reports of something called snow falling earlier. I had a case of cabin fever as I have not been able to get out on the water in over a week and I thought I would crank out a few Cobia / Snapper jigs.
I remembered I had some samples of "candy" translucent colors that I have'nt tried yet so I tested a few colors and they turned out ok as pictured. They match up nice with an assortment of skirts that I have but I wonder if the jig head color makes any differance to those who fish them let alone the fishes themselves. Most of the jigs that I build are glow white, glow yellow, pink or red. I do finish most of my jigs with a metal flake vinyl clear gloss like the spire point head to the left as they are very reflective and I figure more eye catching.
Is anyone using these metallics or translucent colors and having success with them?
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