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Default Quepos Report 12/7/08 - 12/9/08 *** 240 POUND YELLOWFIN!!!!

The Good Day Team had raised marlin 11 days in a row previous to our arrival. Of course we should have been there yesterday! We had 3 guys on each boat and averaged a couple sails a day and a couple dorado.

The last day we discussed going to the Furuno Bank. It's just one of my all time favorite places to fish. It's always a roll of the dice. If there is no bait then you made a long run for nothing. We were able to catch our bonita for bait and gave it a couple hours of trolling. Saw a two free jumping sails and neither us or the other boats had a bite.

Captain suggested we run out off the drop. Only ran a couple miles and got in front of a school of dolphins. Captain Estevan told me to put the big bonita down on the 50W. I let it out and just had one of those feelings. I had slipped a disk in my back the week before and still was not 100%. So I said "hey one of you guys get by this rod. My back can't take a big tuna battle." Stoney Howell came to the corner and not 30 seconds later the reel starts screaming!!!!!

Now I can tell you Stoney is one bad a**. Young, works out, offshore worker etc. He fought the tuna on stand up for about 1 1/2 hours. Then went to the chair and then we also put the harness on him to rest his arms now and then.

It was a three hour battle. First time the fish came up the Captain yelled for me to come to the tower. He wanted to know how big I thought it was and I called it 200+ Looked like a VW out there!

Now there is a new mate on this boat and his gaff skills did not impress me. So I designated myself as Gaff #1 and friend Jeremy Gaff #2. When the fish finally came to the boat and its still 10-12 feet away Estevan starts yelling GAFF HIM GAFF HIM GAFF HIM. I waited for a good shot. He came across the transom and I sunk it just behind his head. Truthfully it felt like I sunk it to the bottom of the boat. Could not move this monster. Yelled for gaff #2 and Jeremy made a good head shot. Both of us could only get the head up. Still could not move it. With the Captain and mate we heaved it over the rail. HUGE fish! It started beating that tail and I thought it was going to knock the chair out of the boat. When all was done there were a few chips of fiberglass on the floor.

It was 6 foot long. We had to weight it in parts. It was a solid no exaggeration 240 pounds!!!!

I asked the mate to save the head. He looked at me and I said por san cocho. Now he thinks I'm really crazy. Wanted to bring it to the dock so the other guys would have some idea how big this fish was.

It definitely made our trip! Big congratulations to Stoney for sure! Oh yeah.... 50lb mono too!

Every other part of the trip was flawless. You won't find any better people than the Good Day Team and Felipe Fernandez.

-Mike Lewis
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Default RE: Quepos Report 12/7/08 - 12/9/08 *** 240 POUND YELLOWFIN!!!!

Got the pictures.... can not seem to post them???

I see said the blind man..... not a captains club member.
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