transducer placement??

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Default transducer placement??

Ok, Just put my new to me boat in the water with my new Furuno 600l and an Airmar transom mount transducer. It works fine at rest and idle speed but up on plane nothing but interference.

Now I know everyone's gonna say transducer placement and then say I shoulda used a through hull but I simply couldn't find a place to drill a hole on my 235 Robalo (gas tank and no access).

So my question is how do you know where to put the ducer without moving it 50 times??

Mine is now mounted level on the Starboard side just below the hull and not behind any through hull openings. What else could I have done? Pulling the boat is gonna cost me as I have no trailer and must pay the piper to pull it. :(
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Default RE: transducer placement??

First, check your manual and the unit settings. If your Furuno works like my Eagle, you can put it into a mode with reduced sensitivity, intended for speed (called "Hyperscroll" on the Eagle/Lawrance) which can be effective when the "Regular" setting is too much. If that's not a fix for you, then you'll probably have to relocate the transducer.

Get a buddy to drive the boat, while you get out back on the swim step/euro-lip and observe the flow of water coming out from under the boat while you're on plane. You want to look for the smoothest, darkest water -- free of swirling eddies and air bubbles. If you use a pencil and a straight edge, you might be able to draw a line pointing to that sweet spot (as long as your buddy driving keeps a straight and steady track.) Generally the inside center will be better than the outer edge. You don't want to place it behind any ribs or strakes, and you don't want to have the transducer on the center line because that can disturb the water flow to your prop.

No Trailer??? Do you have any friends with a boat lift, or maybe the selling dealer can do a little more service to help you out. If you're pulling mounting screws to relocate them, you're going to have to completely seal off the old holes, and that means dry. I wish you the very best.
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Default RE: transducer placement??


This was supposed to be under electronics??....And I double posted??

Guess I'm a little excited about the new ride.

Thanks for the advice Savage!
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Default RE: transducer placement??

Put it "Auto"...cruising mode
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Default RE: transducer placement??

Your problem my be that you Don`t have the unit grounded to a dynaplate.There is a ground wire on the back that goes to earth ground. Try it.
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