Head boat out of Morehead?

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Default Head boat out of Morehead?

It occurs to me that in many years, I've never gone out on the Capt. Stacy or Carolina Princess...

I think I'm going to take my boat back to the coast next weekend (April 3), and since she's not big enough for Tuna, and the water's still pretty cold nearshore, I'm thinking about a trip on one of these boats, just to get a fishing fix in.

In particular, there's a 24-hr trip on the Capt. Stacy. Any of y'all been on that? I assume you just sortta fish, fish, and fish some more, catching a cat-nap when possible inside? Is it strictly bottom fishing, or do they allow trolling when moving from place to place? I'd just assume bring my own rod, but what about the bottom rigs? I guess they provide all that? Thx -- Steve
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Default RE: Head boat out of Morehead?

I have had two trips on the Captain Stacy weathered out over the last couple of years.

Sunday I have a tuna trolling trip on the Carolina Princess scheduled. They usually go trolling with 12 anglers only on the 95 foot boat on Mon/Tues/Wed during March. Might I add that the yellowfin fishing has been great this March.

I have a small boat now after previously having a 26ft Mako. Can not get out as far as I used to so I am planning to take some big boat bottom trips and now this tuna trip.

If you have access to North Carolina Sportsman, they have an article about the Carolina Princess doing the trolling trip in the April issue and some past issues speak about bottom fishing trips on the Captain Stacy and the Carolina Princess.

I called the Morehead City booking service yesterday and luckily got the 12th position on the Carolina Princess for the Sunday trolling trip. Do not know why they are running one on Sunday when they advertise Mon/Tues/Wed trolling trips. Need to be at the boat NLT 3:30 a.m. /the boat leaves at 4:00 a.m. and returns at approx 6:00 pm.

Go to NCCOASTALFISHING.COM and on the left side of the page there is a listing for Charters and such. There you can find the tele. number for booking on the Carolina Princess.

For the trolling trip, all you need is your clothing. They provide all tackle and they have a galley that is open for food (breakfast/lunch/whatever). You can take your own food and non-alcoholic beverages. You can purchase beer on the boat.

I will try to remember to post here to let you know how Sunday will have worked out.

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Default RE: Head boat out of Morehead?


How is the bottom fishing in that area. What can you catch, How deep do they fish, what bait and rigs? We are go down there the end of April and would like to try for some bottom fish. I have done allot of grouper and snapper fishing in Floridia but never this far North.

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