Prescription Sun Glasses

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Default Prescription Sun Glasses

Anyone found the absolute best setup for sun glasses? Polarized, shade color, cool frames, etc?
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Default RE: Prescription Sun Glasses


This site has a ton of selections RX sunglasses.
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Default RE: Prescription Sun Glasses

I think you can get Costas in prescriptions. Get one of their brochures or give them a call.
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Default RE: Prescription Sun Glasses

Ocean Waves make Rx glasses at their place in Jacksonville.

I have two pairs one for fishing one for golf and driving. Kinda pricy 300.00 per pair but I have had mine atleast 5 years and they are good as new.

Had one problem with arm on one pair took it back and they replaced the whole frame and said sorry.

great people
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Default RE: Prescription Sun Glasses

you have to decide if you want polarized or not...that's a fundamental question. Some electronics are hard to see with polarized...others are OK.

Then you decide plastic vs glass. Glass you can clean quickly with your shirt if it gets dirty; plastic requires a bit more care. Glass is heavier. I like thin, light glasses and I tell the optometrist that I want THIN!!! That translates to polycarbonate lenses and a certain blank that is thinner than the normal lens at very little extra cost. Call it vanity, but they look one heck of alot better in the thin frame than the thick one's you get if you say nothing.

non reflective coating can really help....on the inside of the lens. The trade off is that oil/grease/suntan lotion gets on the antireflective coating and can only be removed with soap/alcohol. If you go anti reflective, get's the only one that lasts.

I recommend that you avoid plastic frames because at some point, you will leave the glasses in the sun and the plastic frame will melt/distort. Go with metal frames and those titanium flexible frames are excellent since titanium and salt water are ok together.

Finally, you can get prescription lenses in almost any frame. Be careful most cases, you buy the entire pair of name brand sun glasses including the non prescription lens and then they put the prescription lenses you have actually paid for two pair of lenses...that gets very expensive.

As far as color....take your pick. I always get the RayBan G15 gray which has been around for years and's really a gray green....and any good optometrist can match the color with their dyes. Of course you can get any tint you want. Given the total price of the glasses, G15 seems to work the best overall for me. Other's prefer vermillion, etc. Take your best shot.
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Default RE: Prescription Sun Glasses

I Just received my rx/pol Costa Del Mar shades yesterday. I used a company in Florida Called Clearsight opticians. The pair that came yesterday was actually my second in a month. The first ones arrived and they were way too big for my face. I sent them back and they were able to use the same lenses they had made and fit them into a completely different pair. They didn't charge me for the switch as the frames were the same price. Clearsight is the former supplier of lenses to costa del mar, if that means anything to you. They order the frames without lenses so you avaoid buying expensive non rx lenses only to toss them. Check them out at I spoke with Michelle and she was very helpful. Good Luck.
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Default RE: Prescription Sun Glasses

Ocean Waves makes thier own rx glasses frames and all. They are glass not plastic, and the polarization is first class.

Plus they dont turn red like the rx sunglasses you buy from a local guy.

Good luck
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Default RE: Prescription Sun Glasses


I use polarized clip-ons ($40) over my regular Rx glasses. If I lose or ruin a pair sure is cheaper than the $500 for new Rx sunglasses.

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Default RE: Prescription Sun Glasses

Hi all,

I have recently been shopping for some Rx sunglasses myself, and my local optician has quoted me a price of over $350 for a single prescription in a Costa Del Mar frame (the Costas sell for $109 in his shop)w/ polarized glass lenses. As I understand it, the lenses will be farmed out to a lab approved by Costa. I can go to Walmart (but hate to do it) and get a pair of no-name frames with polarized glass lenses w/ single prescription for less than $150. It would appear that the $200 difference in price is just for the Costa name, especially since Costa doesn't make their own Rx lenses. Any thoughts on this? I am not trying to knock the Costas or other high end sunglasses, but for prescription users, it appears we are not actually getting Costa lenses, just their frames at a premium cost.
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Default RE: Prescription Sun Glasses

Both my wife and I have prescription glasses from Ocean Waves. I found blue better on the water, and the green for general use. But you cannot get any lense in any frame the stronger the perscription the thicker the lense. So check first. Glass lenses are better, plastic lenses are not as robust, but in the rain or lots of spray neither are any good.

Regards rushman
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Default RE: Prescription Sun Glasses

Someone mentioned "Cristal" as the antireflection coating to get. The name is Crizal and the newest version of it is called 'Alize' (pronounced al-ee-zay). This lens treatment is state of the art for protection and anti-glare and it is WAY better for deposit resistance than other lens treatments. There is some other good advice mentioned in this thread. The reason that good sunwear costs $200-300 is because it is the same quality as Rx glasses and with high-tech lens treatments. One thing about polarization... there is good polar and bad polar. Cheaper lenses have lesser quality optics and polarization. For crisp optics that won't induce fatigue, put your money into the lenses. Don't scrimp on the frame, but you don't have to spend a ton to get a good frame. For salt water, plastic or titanium frames are best. Any optometrist who's up to date can give you good advice on sports vision and appropriate lenses.
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Default RE: Prescription Sun Glasses

No one has brought up having a lanyard on sunglasses. I didn’t have one, brought the rod up to make a strike and brushed the glasses off and they sank in about 90 feet of water. When $300 worth of sunglasses hit the water they make barely a plop. Trust me, the feeling is downright gruesome.

I did everything right: discussed with my optometrist the right level of polarization, color, nice Italian frames by Safilo, the whole nine yards. And now they’re somewhere off Tumbo Island in Georgia Strait sleeping with the fishes.


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Default RE: Prescription Sun Glasses

I have no experience with Rx sunglasses, but I have noticed that my brand of choice offers them. Here's the link:
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