entertaining boat ramp story

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Default entertaining boat ramp story

ok.... another good one... just two weeks ago. Williams Park at the mouth of the Alafia River on a Sunday about 5:30pm. My friend Carlos and I and another couple of friends are pulling up toward the dock when we see a small crowd of people gathered around a small boat at the ramp (boat is still in the water but with a truck and trailer parked at the top of the ramp)...... we're wondering what the commotion is as we get closer... trying to figure out what the fuss is all about (still too far to see clearly) we notice a trail of debris floating away behind the boat.... as we get closer we see the debris is mostly beer bottles... and a cooler... and some trash.... a little closer and we finally realize the "little" boat is just the front end of a BIG boat.... an offshore "Scarab" type boat (31' we find out later) that said "Stinger" on the side with a pair of 200 HP Johnson OceanRunners on the back and totally submerged except for the front of the boat which is laying on the ramp and protruding from the water!!!! The group of people trying to get a truck started and back down the ramp (they're having trouble keeping the truck running), are fairly sunburned (been out all day) and most of them were at least mildly intoxicated (understatement)... anyway.... while Carlos retrieves the Jeep and trailer so we can load up, I sit on the boat and listen to the chatter between these uh.... not entirely sober guys.... they finally manage to get the truck running and back the trailer down the ramp where the truck dies again... but they're not worried about that now... they proceed to extend the winch line as far as it goes (not to the end of the trailer... much less the front of the boat which is another 10' or so).... then add a rope to that and tie it to the front eye. now... you might ask..... how did they float the boat??? well... they didn't... they just went ahead and winched it up the concrete ramp... GRUNCH, GRUNCH, GRUNCH, till the front end started to go up on the trailer.... GRUNCH GRUNCH GRUNCH... the back of the boat now grinding on the ramp as it's winched up onto the trailer SIDEWAYS..... with water pouring out of the boat as it goes up on the trailer..... I'm listening to the chatter the whole time.... as we load up uneventfully, do our post load check like always and pull off.... as we leave I tell Carlos the rest of the story... apparently they came in at least 30 min before us... and trailered the boat!!!! but it wasn't straight.... but while it was on the trailer one of the guys pulled the plug... but since it wasn't straight, they RE-LAUNCHED it (no plug though)... then since they were having trouble with the truck... they stood around working on the truck (now at the top of the ramp), but were too intoxicated to notice the boat sinking by the time they noticed it was going under it was too late to save it... and the truck wouldn't start anyway.... they had another person with something like a F350 help pull them up once they finally did get the boat on the trailer... (sideways... sure wish I'd had a picture ...) We all felt bad for them... not something I would wish on anyone, but it WAS funny at the same time... LOL I don't think any of them were 30... maybe not even 25... I'd virtually guarantee the boat was "Dad's"..... and I have NO idea how they were going to explain how the boat was almost totally submerged. We were guesstimating the cost afterwards to ourselves... a grand or so to have the engines flushed?... a couple grand for fiberglass and gelcoat repair?.... a FEW grand for new electronics (did I forget to mention the radar arch was one of the few things NOT submerged)?... and the trailer was probably damaged by pulling a boat full of water out sideways.... I'll bet that mistake cost them close to 10K.

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Default RE: entertaining boat ramp story

LOL!!! I'm putting a camera in my boat right now.
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Default RE: entertaining boat ramp story

Oh yeah! That's why God invented camera phones. They're not just for safety anymore. Was there an article in the local paper the next day about a man shooting his 22 year old son?
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Default RE: entertaining boat ramp story

Hate to be the Ass wipe in this group but you should have at least made a call to the cop's after they cleared the ramp ...
Drunk's have a tendence to Kill others in wreck's and not them selves....John
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Default RE: entertaining boat ramp story

Y'know what JT?.... I'm sorry to say it never even occurred to me... I couldn't swear that EVERYONE there was totally drunk... there may have been one sufficiently sober to drive... but then again.. maybe not. You're right though, drunk driving isn't funny even when they're piloting just a car... much less a huge truck with a massive boat behind it.

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Default RE: entertaining boat ramp story

NOT trying to compete here but let me relate one I saw about 2 or 3 years ago. Picture this, nice, shiny, brand new bass boat with a BIG assed outboard, young "girl" maybe early 20's, Captain Studly looked maybe 25 or so. They wheel into the dock, she jumps off, he powers back out while SHE backs the trailer in, hell, I'm impressed, SHE is backing it perfectly. She gets it in the water to the proper depth and gets out (thank God) and stands by the rear of the truck to attach the winch strap. Studly comes up on the trailer and then nails the throttle to get up the rest of the way. SOMETHING goes wrong and the boat launched OVER the winch stand and promptly imbeds itself into the rear window of the truck!!!! If the girl had been in the truck she would have been killed by the bow of the boat. Studly now shuts off the motor and hops over the side onto the ramp and starts giving HER crap about backing in too far!!!!!!! She looks at him and said something (I was too far away to hear) and begins walking toward the parking area. SHE gets into a car and calmly drives away. Meanwhile Studly is staring at the boat/truck combination and tries to get into the cab but the boat is blocking the way so he just stands there staring at his handiwork. We left about that time so I don't know what or how he did anything about his prediciment. What a MAROON...................................
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Default RE: entertaining boat ramp story

Those are both funny !!!!!

I saw some guys at Jordan one morning, backing down a small Grady. It was on a roller trailer and I guess one of the guys prematurely unhooked the winch strap......well, you know, crash !!!!!

The next thing they did killed me...............THEY PUSHED IT THE REST OF THE WAY DOWN THE RAMP!!!! instead of trying to load her back up.

The sound of fiberglass and gel coat on concrete is very sickening, even if it is not yours.

I felt for them, seemed to be rookies.
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Default RE: entertaining boat ramp story

That reminds me...

I need to charge my camcorder for the upcoming boat ramp season.

I need the $100,000 from Americas Funniest Video's show
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Default RE: entertaining boat ramp story

i used to do the same, laffing and pointing at the boat-ramp brainiacs...

till last year when i got distracted, forgot to hook up my winch strap, and dropped my sled right on the concrete...

reason #73 to buy aluminum...

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Default RE: entertaining boat ramp story

LOL - I just LOVE boat ramp stories!!!
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Default RE: entertaining boat ramp story

Here's one for ya:

My friend and I were heading out for a day of Snow goose hunting - It was February and very cold! We hit our local ramp to launch the ol' duck killin' machine only to find a very large, old wooden boat (about 26') blocking the ramp. The boat was being towed by an even older station wagon, which was overloaded with people of a foreign persuation. Anyway, it was dead low tide, blow out at that. It was pure mud at the base of the ramp and the clowns in the car backed the boat striaght down and into the mud - buried the transom! As if that wasn't bad enough, they proceeded to pull the trailer out from under the boat - thump! We got tired of watching the days entertainment and headed off for the geese - (we carried the duck boat down and dropped it in off a dock). We never saw the old boat and its crew pass us, and they were gone when we returned. I can't imagine how they ever pulled her out of the mud with that old station wagon. Then again there was at least a dozen of them, maybe they pulled it out!
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