Chesap. striper/menhaden help

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Default Chesap. striper/menhaden help

Anyone out there know any pound netters who may be willing to sell live menhaden or herring from their nets? Or in the alternative does anyone know where I might be able to cast net live herring or menhaden on the bay or a trib in late April? I hate trolling all the big umbrellas and tandam rigs, and would really like to try live-baiting for trophies this year.
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Default RE: Chesap. striper/menhaden help


You may get some responses over at (Chesapeake Fishing board). Other than that I would talk to a local bait shop to see what they can come up with for you but you will probably pay through the nose.

Good luck!
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Default RE: Chesap. striper/menhaden help

Live menhadden in april will be extremely hard to come by....

Herring on the other hand can be caught hook and line or by castnet in many of the eastern shore tribs. Give herbs tackle a call. They sell both live and dead herring that are netted up around the northwest river.

I would have my doubts about live lining in the spring. The fish tend to be very spread out. Makes it kinda hard to target them with out moving around a lot. Not trying to discourage ya, but theres a reason why trolling is very popular that time of year...... On the other hand if you know some area where the fish tend to congragate it may be worth your while to feed them...
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