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Default Tuna Spread

I'm trolling for some opinions here.

I have run into two distinct schools of thought from various tuna fisherman when it comes to spreads. Taking an overview of the spread with out paying attention to individual bait types or styles two patterns emerge.

1) Run an array of colors, sizes & shapes and see what gets hit. There will be pink, white, blue, green, black baits in the water waiting to see which one will produce the strike. I have found that this spread appears to be the most common amoung the weekend warrior types who make a half dozen to a dozen trips offshore in any given year. They may switch out a couple baits to a hot color or size if a pattern is seen.

2) After talking with some guys who put money in their pockets tuna fishing it seems that quite a few of them run a spread of the same size, shape and color. They may have 8,10 identical baits in the water. This could well stem from the fact that they fish a whole lot more that the average guys. They have a better knowledge of what is hot and what is not day in and day out. When the bite is slow these guys will not change up a bait or two they will put out a whole new spread, in a different color or size....

So what to you guys run. Do you throw the whole medicine cabinet at them all at once or do you troll that "school of bait"?
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I was thinking along the lines of Mid atlantic YFT
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Default RE: Tuna Spread

I run a pattern consisting of indentical lures/baits with one or two "odd" ones in the spread. The odd ones are sometimes the first to get hit.
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we run light on one side and dark colors on the other side and see what happens.
if i had to run one color it would be blue and white islander. jmo

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It's a question for the ages and many beers

I've thought about putting out an entire spread of GREEN or maybe some other color like Blue/White. I have had some days where one color keeps getting hit but I've also had 6 hit at once with every color lure being something different (but all had ballyhoo)...also have had a quad header where two were 100 pound BFT, another was a 15 pound Mahi and the other was a 35 pound YFT...all different colors. Try to figure that one out! It always keeps me guessing. One of the keys for me is that when it is multiples, it's usually the short flats and short riggers.

To me, it's what makes it fun. I run a mix and will put out some like colors if one is producing.

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Default RE: Tuna Spread

Ooooppppsss, saw the subject and thought this was a sand bar item....
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