Using hull as teaser

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Default Using hull as teaser

Has anyone tried to use the hull,bottom of the boat as a teaser by gluing or putting fish stickers on the bottom of the hull to attract fish.

If so what kind and what type of fish,i fish off Miami and go after dolphin,Wahoo,sailfish etc. How has it worked out.
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Default Re: Using hull as teaser

I heard of some guy in North Carolina (Hattras I think) that had his boat hauled and had a school of spanish mackrel painted on the bottom because it couldn't raise a billfish. It was a half or 3/4 million dollar boat (10 years ago) so that was a big deal. I never heard if that worked or not. If I had to guess I's say no. Some boats just don't hum right.
I think there is a 36 for sale on this board that has some fish on the bottom too!
I've also heard of painting the blades of your wheel different colors too-that is a KMA trick!
Tight lines.
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Default Re: Using hull as teaser

I've heard of boats with squids (I saw one in dry dock this winter at my marina) painted on the bottom to attract fish.
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Default RE: Using hull as teaser

My buddy has a 27' scotty craft with schools of squid and mackerel painted all over the bottom. Raises the heezle out of fish.
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Default Re: Using hull as teaser

We have always painted sqid and fish on the bottom and coated one prop blade. Dont know if it helps but we always catch fish.
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Default Re: Using hull as teaser

Some folks will buy/try anything. I strongly doubt that these stickers could be visible more than a few feet. They are in the dark and receive little if any reflected light. The hull itself might attract fish with the bottom appearing as a dark object over head but I don't think the fish painted or taped to the bottom would do much at all.

I don't really have much faith in teasers either. If it is behind my boat, it is gonna have a hook in it. A 10-12# Bonita, Dolphin or Tuna rigged hook forward and run as a teaser sometimes gets the action.
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Default RE: Using hull as teaser

here is a thread for ya:
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Default Re: Using hull as teaser

You might as well put hooks in the painted on teasers too.

Here's an amusing take on it by Capt. Fred Archer on the subject:From the book, “Modern Tuna Trolling”



Speaking of bottoms, I have to laugh mine off every time I hear or readsomething about this, painting the bottom of your boat with lot’s ofsquid or other baitfish or sticking a bunch of decals of various otherbaits on them nonsense. I mean, aren’t we getting a little desperatewhen we start to believe that doing something like this to our boatbottoms is suddenly going to cause fish to come charging up from allover the place to attack?

A few, “Uh’s” for yah...let’s see, what the hell is it that they aremost likely to attack? We have hundreds and maybe even thousands ofsquids or other bait species painted or glued all over the bottom ofour boat, the fish see them, come charging up and, (oh no!) try to eatthem! As in, “No, no! Not the boat (Thump, thump)! The lures, thelures! Hit the damned lures!” (Crunch!).

Uh, hey guys, aren’t we trying to get the fish to eat our lures, notour boat bottoms? Uh, isn’t this going to be kind of bad for the fish,smashing into the hard bottoms of our boats and probably beating theirbrains in (Crunch, Croak!) trying to eat those wonderfully lifelikesquid and other bait species down there? Uh, aren’t the fish that don’tkill themselves smashing into our, “Bait” boat bottoms going to wind upswimming around with bottom paint on their faces, and maybe even intheir eyes, so maybe they go blind and die of starvation?

Uh, if we give the fish a choice of a thousand baits painted or stuckon our boat bottoms or a fifty or sixty squids on spreader bars or fouror five single lures (silly man! Spreader bars rule!), aren’t the fishgoing to attack (Jesus! This is ridiculous!) the bigger school of,“Bait” (the boat bottom) instead of our lures with the hooks in them?(Thump, crunch, whomp!) I heard some brilliant comments from one of the“Geniuses” who thought this nonsense up to the effect that, “If youhave your bottom painted with this realistic bait you don’t need thosemultiple lures like daisy chains and spreader bars.”

This might surprise some, but I agree. But that brings us toanother...Sorry, Coach, you ain’t going to the Super Bowl this year!Uh, of course we don’t have to put multiple, or any other kinds oflures out! Fact is, it probably wouldn't matter what the hell we put inour trolling spread because, if the propaganda on thisbait-on-your-bottom thing is right and fish act like they areprogrammed by nature they are going to be busy beating themselvessenseless on the bottoms of our boats (Thunk, Duh! Wuzzat?) instead ofhitting whatever kind of lures we put back there! Here’s another, “Uh,”from one of my customers, landscape architect Bob Truskowski, who has asense of humor that runs along the same lines as mine.

He said, “Duh, how are you going to put lures with hooks in them underthe boat so that there is something that you can do to hook the fishafter the decals? I’ve got that figured out; all you have to do isextend the bow of your boat about fifty feet, put a downrigger on theend, then drop the downrigger ball down and back, so it’s running underthe boat!”

Brilliant! See why I like this guy? He’s a real creative genius! Infact, I’m surprised that he didn’t come up with this painting the buttof your boat thing himself!

Some REAL potential benefits...and a new kind of fishing

Uh, here’s a really good thing about this, “bait on your bottom” thing.Even though the fish might be killing themselves on the bottom insteadof hitting the lures you are trolling behind your boat , you’ll knowthat they are there because the sounds of all of those fish headsslamming into the bottom of the boat (Crunch, whomp, thunk! We’rebumped! We’re bumped! Crunch uuppp!) will let you know that they arearound! Uh, and ya know, this could lead to lot’s cheaper trolling,because you would no longer need to buy a bunch of expensive rods,reels, lures and stuff like that.

Instead, all you need are some swim fins and a snorkel. Then, when youhear the fish smashing their heads and killing themselves trying to eatyour, “bottom baits”, all you have to do is stop the boat, jump in thewater and grab whatever dead or unconscious fish you want! And thiscould get even better, because some of those clobbered fish are goingto drift back and get chopped up by the props, so while you’re swimmingaround down there you can check those out and maybe find one or twothat have been hit just right by the props and be kinda cleaned, so youdon’t have to even clean them! (I wouldn’t expect any really fancyfillet jobs though. Just your basic kind of cutting and gutting stuff.)

And just think of it. You could then just chuck the dead or unconsciousfish into the fish box and you would never get any nasty, smelly oldfish blood on the boat! Heck, you wouldn’t even need a fish bat anymore!

Enough, “Uh’s” already! Here’s a, “Duh” for ya; Duh, why not paintsomething that actually attracts fish, but wouldn’t cause them to tryto eat our boats, like kelp paddies, logs, weed lines (Or, how aboutsomething that we know works, like a regular boat bottom that lookslike a meatball of bait to the fish!?), or whatever on our boatbottoms? This might actually make some sense. It certainly makes a lotmore than this painting or putting decals all over your boat bottomstuff. But I hasten to point out that this is kind of like saying thatsitting in the middle of a country road with your eyes closed makesmore sense than doing the same thing in the middle of a busy highway -that is correct, yes, but neither scenario makes one iota of sense.

Don’t be surprised if, “The Bottom Painter People” start with this weedline, logs, etc., thing. (I don’t think that they will do the boatbottom thing, but you never know!) I’m not sure how they will explainthat weed line or log moving along at eight knots, but after seeingwhat they have done so far, they’ll come up with some kind ofnonsense...After all, they have managed to get some people to buy intothis, “Sitting in the middle of a busy highway at night with your eyesclosed” kind of stuff, and to them, it is only a short hop to thatcountry road I just wrote about.

Hey! I just thought of something that might make this really work. Inan effort to give the benefit of the doubt to this, “Bait on yourbottom” thing, and in a sincere attempt to help these people put somereal sense into what they are doing (And, man, can they use the help! Isure hope they appreciate this), I put all of my relatively punyintellect (I can’t be too smart, since I didn’t think of this, bull...Imean bait on your (boat) butt thing) into trying to come up with a waythat might make sense of this nonsense.

I really feel bad for making fun of this whole deal. In order to makeup for that, I believe that I have come up with a way that will allowfishermen to catch some of those fish that are pasting themselves tothe decals on the bottoms of boats that have them. Making a silk purseout of a sow’s ear, what you do is this. You get your buddy to paint orput decals on the bottom of his boat. (This way, he spends his moneyand gets his chops busted for being a dummy by all of your mutualfriends.) Then you show those smart alecks that make fun of him and youuse what's for and using downriggers or planers, always troll right infront of him and run your lures under his boat. Ha! That’ll fix ‘em!They’ll be sooo jealous!

Now, it is critical that you always know which way your bait bottomedbuddy is going to turn before he does it so that you can turn first inorder to stay right in front of him and keep your lures under his boat.This, in turn, will give the people who paint minnows and squid onpeoples’ bottoms another dynamic new product to sell - Marine Right andLeft Turn Blinkers! You both will need ‘em.

This exciting new product isn’t just for the guy with the bait paintedall over his bottom, it is one that the boat in front of him will alsorequire. Why? Because if you are the boat in the front, your sonar andtemperature gauge will read fish, bait and temperature breaks beforethe ones on the boat behind you do. You will also see breaking schoolsof fish, working birds, schools of bait and porpoise before he will.This means that there will be many times when you will see somethingthat both of you should turn toward and you will need to turn yourMarine Turn Signal on to let your buddy know which way you are going toturn so that you can keep your lures all around his bottom. Neat, huh?

Of course, it should go without saying that the Marine Turn Signalsshould be made in different colors than the running lights, because wewouldn’t want to confuse other boats with flashing red and green ones,now, would we? (Amazing how clever I can be, isn’t it?) How about hotpink and a lovely shade of blue? True Colors!

You know, a “smoke” blue, like the color of that smoke that sometimesgets blown up that place on their boats where some people put paintingsand decals of fish and squid and stuff like that, only the smoke thatI’m talking about here is the kind that gets blown up THEIR bottoms,not their boat butts!

“Paint, paint, thunk, thunk, crunch, crunch, blink, blink” – har, har, har!"
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Default RE: Using hull as teaser

It absolutely works. We have 500 Stripteaser decals
on our 25 Contender in Miami. The key is to seal them permanently to the hull. Dolphin will follow the boat for miles.
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Default Re: Using hull as teaser

I know a guy who has dozens of squid painted on his hull. Boat raises a lot of fish, but hes also an excellent fisherman so I dont know if it makes a difference.
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Default Re: Using hull as teaser

This is a bunch of bull.

Fish are attracted by movement, scent, and vibration. Painting a still life on the bottom of a hull does not meet any of these criteria.

The boat will get their brief attention, but unless you are dragging something that looks like a live bait the only other thing that will keep their attention a little longer is a steady stream of chum or a vibration that they associate with food like the motor of a trawler culling their bycatch.
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Default Re: Using hull as teaser

I'm sorry to see my humorous shot at painting baits or sticking decals on boat bottoms appear here - I'm getting in enough trouble on my own! Long ago this became a short-lived hot deal out on the west coast. The end result of bottom painting and decaling was, as suggested by some wise skippers on this thread, the boats that raised and caught fish before continued to raise and catch them and the boats that didn't, didn't. If it was going to make a difference, it should have been on those boats that didn't catch fish before, but that didn't happen. Like Cap Squidly, Captkenr, and xxmikexx point out, (sadly) there are some boats that just don't have the "hum" and others that downright do and this is a real fish-raising factor. There are also those who know what they are doing with their trolling patterns and those who do not. This, too, has a really big effect on catch results. Anyhow, the phenomenon died just about as fast as it appeared and that says it all as far as I can see. I apologize if the book excerpt offends anyone and if you think the bottom baits help you catch fish, more power to you.

Here is how I would have commented on this post. One thing that I saw for myself while diving and filming our lures and bars running from underwater, where it probably counts most of all as far as the fish are concerned - or at least, that's what we figured, was what a boat hull, white, dark, or whatever looks like when viewed from below...they all appear to be dark in color and they are dead ringers for big, running "meatballs" of bait...not only that, but the churning props look for all the world like a school of gamefish pushing and feeding on the meatball. Several times during our filming we got under schools of both big Pacific bonito and yellowfin tunas chasing real meatballs and it was shocking to see how similar they looked to the silhouette of a boat hull and how much the ruckus caused by the props looked like fish feeding on the ball. It was after seeing all of this that I began writing that your boat hull and props are the biggest teasers that you could use and incoming fish search just behind the "meatball" for stragglers and escaping, injured baitfish. I have some great shots taken by a spotter plane of a huge school of 150# bluefin pushing and feeding on a giant bait school that makes the point far better than I ever could in words. Since I still don't know how to post pictures here (got the secret, though...ya gotta pay and that's fine with me), I can't post those shots. You'll find them in our catalog if you'd like to see them right away and I will try to remember to post them once I can do that.

Another thing that becomes clear once you see tuna actually feeding from above is the importance of the short corner lures, why they are so effective, and how running the rest of your lures too far back can cut way down on the number of multiples you get, right down to one of the reasons why I refuse to run a stinger "way back there". That's another subject for another time, but here are some hints...Do stingers catch fish? Yup. Do they catch them one at a time? Yup. Does one of the lead tuna in an school coming up the wake hit the stinger? Yup. Is it likely that the rest of the school follows the hooked tuna away from the other lures running well in front of it, so all you catch is the stinger fish? Yup, or at least too many times for me! I saw it happen, over and over from my tuna tower until I'd had enough and banned the stinger anywhere past the long riggers. Now this is me and I know that there are guys out there who'd rather cut off their right arms than give up their super long stingers and I'm only speaking for myself when I say that I'd way rather take my chances of an incoming school of tuna getting into my spread and getting the multiple hookups that I believe tuna trollers should get because the tunas almost always arrive in schools or at least pods if I don't let a single stinger fish run them off on me. If others don't want to change, that's up to them, but if some of you want to try getting rid of the stinger for a while to see if you don't start picking up more multiples, please do. I think that you'll like the results.

I am a hardcore teaser guy, but my idea of a teaser is not one that raises fish that want to eat it. I agree, if I run all but the very biggest "standard" marlin teasers for blues or blacks, I want hooks in them. My constant teaser mimics a pretty good sized gamefish coming up from the depths and feeding on the baits in the pattern. I would go nuts if I didn't have a big, Toad teaser running under my spread, no matter what I was fishing for. I'm not saying "my way or the highway" here, it's more like "my way is a try way". Or not. That's okay too.

Once again, my apologies to you "bait on the bottom" guys.
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