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The Aloha Spirit...The Not-So-Final Chapter 5/19


The Aloha Spirit...The Not-So-Final Chapter 5/19


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Default The Aloha Spirit...The Not-So-Final Chapter 5/19

With the wedding day in the books it was a relief to wake up the next morning and figure out we didn't all permanently turn into our sisters...i mean...we're a rough and tumble crowd of fisherman for christsakes!...what ever was left of thoughts of life and love were dashed by a wicked hangover and the call to duty...we weren't done yet...and it was time to go fishing...

Clay Hensley had the Game Boat purring by the time most of us drug arse down the dock the next morning and how Beth and Ron managed to get there at all is beyond me...although i'm guessing they did sweat a lot more of the wedding juice out than the rest of us...

At this point in the trip things had gone too well...you know when you get to the point...like when a great bite is going on day, after day, after day...and there is this general sense of de-sensitization that occurs whereas...as great as it is...we're all just kind of used to it by now...it's hard to notice at the time...but it's there...

As we all loaded up for one last hoorah and Clay steered the Game Boat out of the harbor i was left to ponder the events from the last few days...secretly hoping that after seeing several fish at the scales and having put in some respectable time with some of the greats...that all this mojo was going to pay off in a grand way...

Scott...Clay's mate...set about the task of rigging the tackle and deploying the spread as Clay let his instincts take over...the rest of us were still trying to get a handle on things and even Tony was quiet...except for the reassuring hum of the twin yanmars belowdeck the boat was uncharastically silent...which is probably why we all jumped when the left rigger went night night...


There's nothing like the sound of screaming clickers to get the blood flowing away from the stomach and into the appendiges...GAME ON!!!

Beth straps into the chair as Scott, Tony, Mike and i each clear the lines...Ron is running the camera and Clay is staying his course as Beth grinds her first Mahi Mahi to the boat...it's a nice one...and we've hooked it not 500 yrds from where she was married yesterday...

"Now THAT'S a fish story..." i'm thinking to myself...

The Mayor somehow beats everyone else to the gaff and as Scott takes his wraps Tony scratches away at the Mahi...doing a good job of skinning the fish and throwing blood all over himself and the cockpit in the process...we are screaming with laughter and the Mayor is obviously beside himself...finally sticking something and getting a little tast of the dirty work...

Clay and i look at each other and then to the carnage in the cockpit..."CHARTERBOAT!" i declare and Clay laughs and nods by way of meaning he couldn't have said it better himself...

Beth isn't fazed at all by the slaughter and takes the time to straighten her sunglasses and shoo away the blood that threatens to stain her blond californian locks before posing for a photo...atta girl Beth...you dun gone and make the rest of us proud...

After a few photos and congratulations Scott manages to re-deploy the spread and before we can really get situated again the stinger pops from the center rigger and we're on again...HOOKUP!


Ron's up now and wastes no time jumping to the chair...after a solid run the fish settles down and by now we're well versed enough to make the call..."CHUCKER!" a few of us bellow in symphony...patting Ron on the back as he grinds away...

It doesn't take long and again Tony's on the rail with the gaff at the ready...Scott takes his wraps and the Mayor's scratching once again with much the same result...blood is flying and there's no one happier than Tony...well...except for Ron who did indeed suceed in besting his first chucker...and another tasty one at that...

Despite our best intentions i never did see a live blue marlin that day or any other day we fished in Kona...although they were caught all around us by the very people we fished with the day before...or after...and don't think the irony is lost on me in that regard...

Kona is a magical place that has deeply imbeded it's sirens call upon my psyche...to be honest i'm glad we didn't get a big blue...or head out for threshers...or big eyes...or distant and secretive FAD's...i'd say we covered some heavy ground for our first dispatch and like everything...it's always better to leave them wanting more...

If nothing else we'll be back in Kona soon enough to see our new friends...discover more of the aloha spirit...and tempt the fates upon one of our worlds most hallowed grounds...

Congratulations to Ron and Beth for solidifying their love and inviting the rest of us along...and a huge MAHALO to the great people of Kona, Hawaii...where i'm happy to report the spirit of ALOHA is alive and well...
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Default Re: The Aloha Spirit...The Not-So-Final Chapter 5/19

Josh , your fish miss you .

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