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Do you like to fish alone? If so why or why not?


Do you like to fish alone? If so why or why not?

Old 06-16-2020, 07:58 PM
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Default Do you like to fish alone? If so why or why not?

I actually prefer fishing alone but just about every fisherman I know won't go out alone. I get asked all the time why I go out by myself. There is more than one reason, when I take other people out I feel a lot of pressure to find the fish and I can't relax and just enjoy being out. If the fish aren't biting everyone has a better spot that "we should have gone", even guys that have never owned a boat always think they have a better place to fish, better baits, better techniques....it just gets annoying when someone that fishes once or twice a year always have a better idea. If their idea makes sense than I'm all for it but I don't like to fish in large packs of boats and prefer to fish away from the group fish mentality.

When I'm alone I like to try different things without having to explain why. I hate waiting for people, when I want to leave the dock at 6AM, that is the time I plan on leaving. I like having the whole boat to myself so if I want to leave some tackle laying on the floor I don't have to worry about someone stepping on it. I'm much more experienced than just about anyone I take out so it's natural that I normally catch more fish. The next thing I know my guests are casting over my line and squeezing right next to me as if where I'm fishing is better than any other spot on the boat. I prefer to drift fish so the boat is always moving so my spot isn't any better than any other spot on the boat just because I'm catching fish, I just happen to be better at it not because of where on the boat I am fishing. I have no fear of being on the water and will often go out when others won't and I don't like having to constantly worry about them falling or getting seasick.

Now that I think about it there are even more reasons to fish alone than I initially thought! Why do you prefer to fish alone, or why do you never fish alone?
Old 06-16-2020, 08:00 PM
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99% of the time I fish alone. Dont want to worry about feeling like I need to catch other people fish. Before we had kids my wife would often go with me which I do look forward to having her out again.
Old 06-16-2020, 08:06 PM
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I love crabbing with just the dog or the boy. More than that just get in the way.
Old 06-16-2020, 08:53 PM
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I had a friend about 50, who fished by himself sometimes and one day he didn't come back when he was expected. He was found a couple of days later and was deceased, due to a heart attack. I have fished by myself quite a bit, and always enjoyed it, but due to being older and having a wife who fishes, I have difficulty getting away by myself anymore. I'm always wanting to try new things and time is no concern, so being by myself is real freedom to explore. I don't think it's unusual for someone to fish by themselves, and have a couple of neighbors who fish by themselves almost everyday.
Old 06-16-2020, 09:02 PM
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Did it for the first time a month or so ago after fishing regularly over 25 years with passengers. Ended up fishing all day to about 30 miles out. A bit nervous at first as it was a new experience, but what a relaxing stress free day It was. I‘ll do it again.
Old 06-16-2020, 09:44 PM
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I usually fish alone, but I do enjoy spending time with a couple good friends on my boat from time to time. I fish a lot better alone, focus better, notice more subtleties, get more creative, when I don't feel like I have to entertain or hold a conversation. Plus sometimes everybody just annoys me, and I know I need to get away and hit the water,

Old 06-16-2020, 09:50 PM
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It would be easier if passengers knew the rules.

1. learn how to tie at least one knot. Uni.
2. That’s my rod don’t touch it.
3. Where’s the beer?
4. If you lose your rig see #1.
Old 06-17-2020, 03:31 AM
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I have quite a mix and I really enjoy the variety - sometimes fishing with my grandchildren when we'll not go very far nor after anything exciting but just aiming to catch as often as possible, sometimes with my fishing buddy when I enjoy the company and the better catches with us both fishing (plus he always brings great bait!) and sometimes on my own which is better for experimenting with a different spot, different lures etc as I don't feel I'm spoiling the day for anyone.

Old 06-17-2020, 03:45 AM
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Originally Posted by fishbadger View Post
I usually fish alone, but I do enjoy spending time with a couple good friends on my boat from time to time. I fish a lot better alone, focus better, notice more subtleties, get more creative, when I don't feel like I have to entertain or hold a conversation. Plus sometimes everybody just annoys me, and I know I need to get away and hit the water,
I used to be a people person. People ruined that for me. Sometimes I enjoy having family and close friends on board. When I need to be away from people I head to the boat. I'm taking the dogs to the sandbar today (Wednesday) to get away from people.
Old 06-17-2020, 04:37 AM
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Went offshore solo one time about 40 miles out. cought a 80-90 lb bluefin trolling but honestly didnt enjoy it much just couldn't get going overboard out of my mind.
now I absolutely enjoy bass fishing & inshore fishing solo and hunting as well I truly do enjoy my solitude.
But on another note at 59 years old & after surviving the widow maker heart attack many years ago the memories made hunting & fishing with my son's is truely a special thing to me
so to answer your question offshore = NO
hunting, bass & inshore fishing = SOMETIMES
the memories made & time spent with my son's while hunting & fishing is absolutely = PRICELESS
Old 06-17-2020, 04:54 AM
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I fish alone most of the time. It leaves me free to explore without the inner pressure of having to find fish for a guest. Let me clarify, free to explore or snooze. I don't do it anymore, but in the past alone included travels up to around 60 miles offshore; different boat, different times (I'm older but not necessarily wiser).
Old 06-17-2020, 04:58 AM
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Not a big fan of fishing solo on the boat. I don't mind going out on the boat for a 20-30 minutes cruise if I need to check some things, but fishing solo for a couple of hours would give me zero pleasure. For me, time spent on the boat is all about the company of family and friends; and frankly, me, myself, and I make a very boring trio.
I don't understand the comments about pressure when fishing with other people unless you are trying to impress some business customers who are not also friends. One would think your friends/family understand fishing may mean on occasion you don't actually catch fish (at least I have heard there are times you don't actually catch fish) - it may be that since 95% of the time I go fishing it is from my home port for the last 35+ years, and I "know" where the target species of fish might be hiding and don't mind moving around quite a bit to find them; the other 5% of the time I fish it is on someone else's boat in a somewhat unfamiliar location, and finding fish is their problem.
Old 06-17-2020, 05:01 AM
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I rarely fish alone because I only fish offshore in the Atlantic and 75% of the time I kite fish. However, I can’t stand late / flaky people which is how most are.
Old 06-17-2020, 05:21 AM
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I have fished along for many years- 98% within 3-5 miles of shore and a lot of that close to home inside our local bays. I am fine with people, I just like to be able to make my own plan and just go. Or not. For example this AM I was considering going fishing but woke up and decided not to go. No texting other people or feeling that I to honor a plan with someone. I like to slip out after work for an hour or two- 1-2 rods, real seat of the pants type fishing, no plan, just see what I can find.

Fishing outside of a few miles in the ocean I would rather not be alone- too many things to think about and honestly fishing alone can be tough if you get into any larger fish- you need a second or third set of hands. I was about 30 miles out this past weekend (not alone) and saw a guy go by solo - I thought cool, but brave.
Old 06-17-2020, 07:03 AM
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I fish by myself once a week and take passengers with my wife on weekends maybe once a month. I am almost 71 now but if I have a heart attack or whatever I have the red button on my radio. Might die, might not, life is a gamble. I don't mind fishing with another guy that really knows what he's doing. If I have to continually train someone, it's not fun for me.
Old 06-17-2020, 07:14 AM
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Trolling offshore solo is my favorite thing to do. So peaceful and then so chaotic when multiple lines get hit.
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Old 06-17-2020, 07:17 AM
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I like me a lot. So, I am pretty comfortable being by myself. Drives my bride bat chit crazy.
Old 06-17-2020, 08:17 AM
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I fish solo all the time, but only inshore Long Island Sound fishing. But if the tide is right at 3am, or 11pm, there aren't many other people that can just go do that with me. If the tide is right for an evening 7pm-10pm trip, I can easily get guests. But then someone says "i may not be able to get there until 7:45" and then I lose a good portion of my window. Don't like that.

That said, when I get to fish with other excellent fisherman, the day is usually better. the reason is because if there are three excellent fishermen on board, then you have three people that aren't tangled, or re-rigging for 20 minutes, or getting in the way. the fish don't stand a chance with that type of talent on board. and I've had my best days that way.

I also enjoy taking out first timers and getting them onto some fish and showing what it is that I like so much about it. I do feel pressure to get them fish, but I like that pressure (from time to time).

But all in all, if I want to go fishing, I go. If people come, great. If people don't, great. When I'm solo, it's my form of meditation, relaxation, entertainment, thrills, accomplishment, instant gratification, etc... Not sure about the insecurities/psyche of people that can't fish solo. Not implying anything negative, it's just not in my brainwaves to think that fishing MUST BE SOCIAL.
Old 06-17-2020, 08:20 AM
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I love fishing solo in the Chesapeake, no pressure to produce and plenty of time to check out new places for fish.
Old 06-17-2020, 08:30 AM
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I enjoy the solitude and get out solo on a regular basis if the weather is calm. The easier the fishing, the more I go solo (Spanish, Speckled, etc). If I'm hunting for larger game (Rock/Cobia), I prefer to have a friend aboard just to help.
Most of my friends are very helpful and don't bitch & moan. Those that do, don't get invited back. I'm in my late 50's and work isn't the grind it used to be. I worked my ass off for the last 35 years to enjoy fishing alone....

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