Squid chain question

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Default Squid chain question

You guys that pull squid daisy chains offshore, what bait do you pull behind them?

im trying to maximize my offshore spread in a small center console so I want to pull a bait behind it instead of just using it as a teaser.

If its a pink daisy chain, Im thinking blue and White Sea witch with medium ballyhoo.

Fishing the stream for mahi (primarily) off the coast of NC.
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Id use a strip bait of some kind but a ballyhoo will likely work fine.
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I pull pink moldcraft squid chains just like all the sport boats do except I add a different colored squid 2 1/2 to 3 ' behind with a hook in it. Usually green or pearl white I have also used green a green machine. I have a 3rd release clip on my riggers just for them & before I added the extra clip I pulled them from outrodders. The position I pull them varies but usually between my flats & short riggers
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depends, some just have a hook in the last one, some have a pin rig in the last squid, some are a snap so I can put a machine or a hook behind em. I have a brown/white chain that works well with a pink seawitch and hoo on it.
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Depends what you're targeting. A lot of people forget that they are not just "teasers". Put a hook bait at the end and fish will stick. The only determining factor really is are you targeting marlin? If so, then typically you can run the chain hookless, with a different colored bait right behind it sub surface.

For example: White marlin fishing here off NJ (which can get REALLY good) we run a pink or natural chain, hookless. Right behind it off the next longest rigger, we run a chugger with a ballyhoo. Tuna fishing, we run the chain with a hook in the last squid, which is darker or lighter color than the rest, and still put another deeper running lure right behind it.

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Primarily pulling for mahi.
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Blue/white, pink, or crystal witch with a ballyhoo
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I ran a Green Machine behind mine and the drag pressure from those is already high. I did it once it had a blue marlin dump a 50 wide in about 30 seconds. So from now on out we running another rod.
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I have had good luck pulling a cedar plug at the end
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I even run the same color as what the chain is, on the main chain the squids are close together, normally body length apart, run a similar colored lure/meat further back about 5-6 behind the chain with a similar color Ilander, witch/ballyhoo chugger/ballyhoo etc...looks like an easy straggler that feel behind and has slightly different look...
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I really like pulling squid chains if for no other reason they are easy and effective. I did eventually start running hooks in the end squid when I had them on older, spare rods but did get a set mixed up one time and accidently put one my teaser reels with a hook on it. Now I have dedicated rods for squid chains that can handle what hits them. I just wish cudas didn't like them so much.
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Hawaiian eye or island express, or any small chugger head like a mold shaft small chugger head (squid nation makes one too). pretty much any small chugger type with a ballyhoo or belly strip will work great for what you want. make sure if you put a hook in it, that it is on a actually rod and reel , not a fixed mounted hardtop teaser reel
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Artificial: Feather lures, jet heads, chuggers, cedar plugs
Natural: Islanders with ballyhoo or strips, anything with a strip. Naked bally.

Everyone has said all these so I'll add one......... pre-rigged squid. It's a squid chain after all, right?.

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