First Gulf Stream Trip

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Default First Gulf Stream Trip

I'm planning my first trip to the gulf stream, hopefully sometime next week. Just looking for some pointers. I'm used to trolling around wrecks between 3 - 20 miles out, so I am not sure what to expect. Am I looking for a temp change? Are there well-known ledges or humps I should go to or just look for a weed-line?
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Based on the distances you mentioned Iím going to assume youíre up north somewhere so I canít offer specifics other than look for literally anything. Birds, debris, color changes etc. Also consult a chart and see if there are ledges, peaks or any other significant bottom contour.
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Where are you fishing?
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I forgot to mention I'll be going out of Carolina Beach, NC.

flfJack - the distances I mention are where I typically go. I usually just troll around the known artificial reefs. I know I'll be heading out 40 - 60 to get to the stream from my location.
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I recently made my first trip out beyond 40nm after previously just trolling around the near shore (<20nm) lumps and wrecks.
Be sure you have all of the necessary safety gear, and regarding your questions: look into terrafin, roff's, hilton's etc. You don't want to waste all that gas and catch no fish.
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Its wahoo season here in NC, so go planning to target them. Wire, wire, and more wire. Head to the Same Ole, devil's ahole, or steeples, and troll up and down the break in 160-250 feet until you find the fish. There are not likely to be any weed lines.

what kind of boat and gear do you have?
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Like any other trolling, look for birds and signs of life, if you are trying to know when you find the stream. I find the current to be the best tell tail.
1) usually the waves will change
2) sometimes there is a color change
3) when you boat GPS shows that you are side tracking.
4) and the most obvious, with out touching your throttles, turn south, and look at your GPS speed, then turn north and look at your GPS speed. I do it at about 7 mph, South will now read near 3 MPH and north will give you 11MPH. Math says current is about 8 MPH , you would be in the stream
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the best spots are where the stream edge is over productive bottom like ledges or wrecks. you could always head out until you see the break as described above or temps going up above 72*
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Out of CB head to Same Ole or Steeple coordinates and work zig zagging between 150 and 300 feet or so. Youíll see on your sounder that the drop off is rather dramatic. Work the drop off. As others have said the name of the game this time of year is wahoo, with some blackfin mixed in. Itís combat fishing. Big fish, big teeth, high speed, cold temps. Itís a ball but you have to be pretty tight with your gear - both fishing and safety.
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Originally Posted by Graddy-fied View Post
Itís combat fishing.
Oh my.
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yeah you don't have to high speed to catch wahoo this time of year.
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Get a planer rod if you don't have one. A #12 old salty tied off to a cleat will work too.
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Everything mentioned is good advice. We usually start in about 140 feet and troll toward the break looking for temp breaks, structure, or bites. We will give all three a second chance. We fish mostly dark colored lures over medium ballyhoo. Out of Carolina beach you can also look at water temps up north toward the swansboro hole which can produce as well. We fish out of Shallotte/Little River so we donít go north of the same ole often.

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