Mono and braid shelf life and reel life?

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Default Mono and braid shelf life and reel life?

How long once you spool, whether it be moderate use (4-5 times per year) or heavy use (weekly) does mono or braid last on a reel?

Also, on a spool at home in the air condition, what is the shelf life of mono or braid?
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Mono at least every year...usually more often if we’re getting out a lot. Braid lasts for years. We’ve used braid for over 5 years in freshwater, and that’s fishing many trips per year.
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I run braid on every reel I own. Oldest braid is 4 years old fished a dozen or two times a year. So far only reasoned I've preplaced braid is from losing enough line from break-off/backlash that I needed to respool. Swapped most of my reels to hollow core this year and I'm not expecting to re-spool for many years (hopefully well over 5).

I run mono top shots on many reels and swap them out yearly sometimes twice a year if they get skanky. As far as how long mono lasts stored in doors I will know in a few years. I have two 1000yd spools of momoi diamond mono on year two... so far so good.
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This is a little off-topic, but maybe useful. Knotted braid deteriorates over time, because the individual PE fibers are not very flexible, and start to let go. See So if you have a long mono topshot, or anything that results in a braid knot that gets into service, only occasionally (like with a big fish taking line), remember to re-tie at least every few months.
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I change 'most' by mono every year or so. BUT.....I have some smaller reels spooled with 40lb ande premium pink that have lasted years without any line failure. They only get used 1-2 times a yr. I change them every 5 yrs or so whether needed or not!!
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