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deep slow trolling daytime swordfish

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Default deep slow trolling daytime swordfish

The buoy rod thread got me thing about this. Is this a thing in the mid-Atlantic?? I have heard it mentioned being talked about in a couple seminars this year but that is all the info I have. Are people doing this in the slow current we have up here?
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I spoke to RJ Boyle about this. He recommended we slow troll up in the N.East as we don't have nearly the current they do in FLA so dont cover the same amount of bottom.
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Old 09-06-2019, 11:20 AM
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Depends on drift speed last weekend out of cape May I was drifting about .8 of a knot and was perfect. Was able to make drifts over specific structure and line scope was perfect using 6lbs. Managed 6 bites came tight on 2 but pulled hooks on both after 30 mins each, but that’s sword fishing
but week prior had less then half a knot drift and was bump trolling and caught
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Old 09-06-2019, 06:46 PM
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Please explain !!!!
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Old 09-06-2019, 07:42 PM
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This is really pretty simple. Slow current allows you to bump troll and move around. It is not "trolling". Further, most guys (particularly those of us in the Gulf) use a sacrificial weight and then have a remaining 3lb (or so) weight. You don't want to get excessive scope from that light weight, nor do you need to.
Think of it as a luxury to bump ahead and move around easier vs trolling. The other factor is the Bathymetry where you're fishing. Many areas are more spot specific (I.e.domes, edges, small canyons) vs the Gulf Stream highwaiy in some places.

I know several guys now doing same in NE, i.e. off MD (slow current) with sacrificial tactic. I trust a couple of them will jump on here to share their NE specific experience as well. It's often very helpful to hear it from the guys in your area doing the fishing. Plenty up there with the first hand experience.

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Would using a heavier weight help with bump trolling? I've been dropping more and more lately and learning a lot. I always try to get at least a .8+ kt drift or better. End of the week is looking decent and we're gonna give it another go. I hooked one earlier this year, got him halfway to the surface and pulled the hook. Been on fire to get another one ever since.
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Old 09-07-2019, 06:57 AM
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Yup bump trolling is what I am talking about, I do the same thing for inshore flounder fishing to do 1-1.2knots over ground. Also seems like quite a few of our fish are coming from the 1000-1400 depth instead of the typical 1600 from the guys in the south. Going to a sword seminar on the 21st put on by some southern guys but this is not one where I have heard about trolling like this.
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In Mid-Atlantic on days with no current you can bump boat around to find fish. But once we have fish pinpointed on how they are laying up on the structure no drift is fine. The boat doesn’t have to be moving to get bites. Use the reel to give the bait action. I’ve seen days where the swords are stacked up on one particular side or location of the structure, and the bite zone is no more than a 100’ or so. I’d rather have minimal drift to stay in the zone longer.
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