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Recommendations for 50 wides

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Game changer: accurate valiant 1000 with braided line
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Wides are unnecessary with braid.
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Avet 50 EX two speed would be my choice.

Okumas suck in my experience. Rubbish clickers and inconsistent / jerky drag.
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Are you referring to the Makairas also Flying Bajan?
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I've used a bunch of reels. Are tiagra 50 lrs a bit heavy? Yep, are they as fancy as a talica? Nope. Are they the very lowest priced reels in the category? Nope. Do they take a beating and keep going with a good rinse after every single trip? Yep.

in my opinion the tiagra 50lrs matched with hollowcore spliced to a topshot is a very versatile reel that can put any fish in the ocean in the boat. I have more expensive reels that are great when they're in top shape but need more love to stay that way, and the talicas have been great so far, but it's hard to beat the sound of a tiagra clicker screaming at you over the tunes coming from the speakers
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Old 08-10-2019, 04:00 AM
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Same here, own 4 four and love them.
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Old 08-10-2019, 05:37 AM
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my tiagra's are great, my penn 50 wides are awesome as well, i have some talicas 25ii , imo the talica are high maintenance, they scratch easy, they corrode, and clicker is to quite, they work well and are light weight, but i dont see them holding up like a penn international or tiagra, cant say anything for avet i dont own any big avets,
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It really depends on you..the type of person you are. If you fish hard and often, go the Tiagra or Penn Int. They are bulletproof if maintained moderately. Durable finish and will last you years. I keep and maintain my equipment pretty well. I had issue with scratches on my Talicas and sent them out for service every year. I finally went back to Tiagras I just fish too often to baby a 1200$ reel and spend 150$ on keeping it great every year..My Tiagras are 8 years old and look 1.. The latest and greatest isn't always the best for for each person. I buy for dependability, longevity, and overall all performance.
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Old 08-10-2019, 06:13 AM
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Tiagra or Tallica,.
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Old 08-10-2019, 06:46 AM
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As said, the Tiagra are bulletproof dragon slayers that will last most people a lifetime. I have some Talicas as well but they don’t hold up as well to abuse like the Tiagra nor the Torsas they replaced in the Shimano line.

I know now people are getting away from wide body but if you hook a marlin or want to drop for swords you will be happy you went wide.
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Originally Posted by Locke N Load View Post
So far we have recommended: Avet, Shimano, Penn, Okuma and even Alutecnos. What about Accurate, Fin-Nor or Everol?

Stick with any of the big four; Avet, Okuma, Penn or Shimano, and you will be fine. Personal preferences aside, they all make great big game reels. All have the capacity, drag, weight, retrieve ratios, cost, durability and whatever else needed to catch some decent sized fish.
When did the big 3 become the big 4?? Man, I can't keep up...; )

My favorite 50 is a Avet 30 wide. Loaded with braid backer and 50# mono on top...I fish them just like I used to fish far so good. All of my fishing is stand up, 50s are just too much like work. I suppose if you fight from a chair or leave the rod in the holder the bulk of the 50 doesn't matter as much.
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Originally Posted by garysmo View Post
I'd like to add (2) 50 wides. I'll use them to pull some heavier, deep diving plugs as well as an option for some HST. I've looked at a few options already but would be interested in hearing opinions.
If you are going to fish braid, with a top shot, then you should consider the Shimano Tallica 50 2 speeds. Nothing else comes close to the performance of these reels (IMHO). I have owned and fished Tiagra’s, Internationals, and TLD’s but the Tallica is far and away the best reel I have fished. Caught Tuna, Wahoo and Marlin on the reels and they have been flawless.
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Originally Posted by Abel View Post
Okuma 50W, love em and they will put down 85lbs of drag.
Frank Thomas can't hold 85lbs. of drag....
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What is everyone’s thoughts on the Penn Squall VSW’s? I have been told by a buddy who repairs reels in their shops who say the internals are the same as the International 50visw, basically the only difference is the Squall has a graphite frame vs metal on International, at about half the $. I have the smaller Squall lever drags and love them, even more than my trusty TLD’s (mostly like the clicker, increase line capacity, and especially the higher gear ratios vs similar aized TLD’s).
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Originally Posted by jgon371 View Post
Game changer: accurate valiant 1000 with braided line
I recently bought 6 bv1000 and 2 800N reels and spooled them with 80 lb momoi gen 3 hc and momoi ace star 80 lbs momoi.
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I had to replace all of my tackle after a theft 6 or 8 years ago.
I bought an assortment of Penn VSW and Shimano Tiagras. The Tiagras WLRS have held up the best both cosmetically and functionally. The Penn's have had issues, mechanical failures and cosmetic fading of the gold, so bad that Penn rebuilt the worst ones under warranty. Great that Penn stood up but new parts did not match the color of the old parts, look like crap.
I have both 30"s and 50's.
I do a lot of HST and you cant beat the 50 with the 80 drag. I don't like braid for HST, prefer 80lb momoi diamond. When I have multiple Wahoo hook ups and the fish go crazy I found the the braid would cross and cut other lines where the mono allows me time to pull the boat faster forward and get the spread happy. Talking 3 to 5 fish on at a time.
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I recently changed up all my trolling rods and reels. Went from Tiagra's and Talica's over to the new silver Penn 30 and 50 VISX's. So far they have performed flawlessly. They are much lighter than the Tiagra's and feel more stout than Talica's. They shed some weight over the last generation of Internationals. I love the silver look as well. They are all backed with JB hollow core with Momoi mono topshot.
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