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Amberjack Action !!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by arczr2 View Post
Amberjack are great eating hand have yet to catch any either worms in them off the rigs on Louisiana. Haters gonna hate florida ajs probably a different story.
I have yet to see an AJ or Almaco that didnít have worms, regardless of size. This is both in the Atlantic and gulf. I still keep a few every year to make dip. Wonder why the jacks down here in south Florida carry them over the jacks in the upper gulf. They arenít bad on the grill either. One AJ feeds a lot of people.

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Yep we used to catch them off Miami and release them, always full of worms. I started fishing the gulf side out of FT Myers and the ones caught didn't have worms (up to 92lbs) not sure why. I agree smoked or blackend/grilled and fish chowder for AJ's.
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This is why people donít post fishing reports. Bunch of keyboard commandos griping about a catch that is perfectly within the legal limit. The OP has said repeatedly there were seven people on board. Ironically, you donít see people griping when someone posts a boat full of yellowfins from Louisiana or multiple coolers full of snapper and grouper from the Tortugas. And yet, panties are severely wadded over amberjack...
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I havenít cut a worm out of a Texas AJ in the last decade. Not sure why the butt hurt over 7 fish. They are almost as overpopulated as the snapper in Texas. Went last week and made 4 drops.... caught 4 AJs. With snapper closing early itís the only sensible reef fish to target the rest of the summer for us. Going back again since the season will surely close by October. Nobody complains when I serve grilled AJ. Trim the meat well.
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I find AJ to be very good eating. Marinated and grilled is how we do it. Got gobbled up by not so fish lovers. No leftovers, but there was BSB left.

Oh and guess what, halibut has worms too.

What a bunch of ninnies...

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AJ are good to eat, if you can't properly prepare the fish you keep then you shouldn't kill them or you should learn to cook/prepare your catch.
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Originally Posted by Chimpo View Post
They are very fun to put an unsuspecting friend or family member on. They'll break a MF'r down like a double bbl shotgun.
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