Elec-tra-mate rebuild or repairs

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Default Elec-tra-mate rebuild or repairs

Looking for someone who can recondition/rebuild and old 440XP 4/0 electric....
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Send it to Electra Mates home
Electric Fishing Reel Systems
1700 Sullivan St
Greensboro, NC 27405
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Electra mate used to be the bomb on service.
I've sent a few in to them and for around $300. They would come back like new.
They even replaced one side of the housing on one that I bought on eBay, that got broken in the mail( I told them this)

Now, the last one I sent in they wouldn’t touch it. Wouldn’t fix it, said it was unrepairable.
It was a fairly new 620 xp that took a bath and stopped working. It was in far better shape than several others they repaired for me over the years .
my feeling on this is that they are trying to get away from repairing them in favor of selling more new ones, now that they have near doubled in price.
I feel like what was once a great company is going the way of corporate greed.
For me, that means time to move on.
If you want to charge me near $800. For a reel drive, I expect it to be repairable.
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