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What's for breakfast?

Old 07-11-2019, 09:35 AM
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Sweet 16 Chocolate Donuts or Entemanns Chocolate Donuts. Slows the system down for the day on the boat.
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I keep my boat at the house I get up at 4.00 am normally and go about the process of getting the cooler packed & the rods etc in the boat in the meantime coffee is brewing usually one cup and it kicks in by 4.30 or so I am in the John once that is done I am good to go usually eat some fruit that is light & easy to digest will have a half of a sub at about 11.00am with a cold one but I do not drink more than two beers for the day sometimes I find that beer does not digest easily for me and i get nauseous.
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A slice of whole grain bread toasted with p-nut butter and coffee......
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coffee, shitter, hit the road. smuckers makes pre made PBJ sandwiches. a few of those to get started. most of my crew are already in the beer before we hit the pass. Have cheese, deer summer sausage and claussen pickels to snack on.
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Old 07-12-2019, 03:57 PM
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Well if I set here & type awhile.. My Dad as a former "commercial Fisherman" took Me out on a head boat trip once.. For breakfast & ,,
He had ground up balonia , cheese, green onions, sausage, red peppers.. Very visual type samiches.. Triple stacked..
We get out into the Gulf, on a 3~4 ft chop.. My Dad said "watch them" they'll get sick,, and NOT FISH..
A few folks , started getting deathly sick..
He warned me & said "watch those hard core guys"...
We keep fishing.. in between a few (Marine Wives), were asking how to "cure their husbands" .. * fishing,, As they were drinking more than fishing..Including the night before.. My Dad started offering these sandwiches to everyone..
My "Dad" would then proceed to gross out many "hard core" guys walking around the deck eating these Sammiches, while drinking beer, offering them bites of His homemade concoction.. All the While letting some "dribble" out the side of His mouth.. (My Dad was having a blast)..
Lotsa Chum in the water, & desperate Marine Wives..= great fishing..
I really "felt" for some of those "wives"
What a TRIP!
Captain,, gave my Dad a discount, (knowing him) putting the Capt on some great #'s..
Said, Don't come back... You got everyone except yourself, your Son & some those Marine Wives, Sick AF..
Caught my first AR Snapper 8+ pounds.. And several groupers..

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