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Tackle storage and rust

Old 07-02-2019, 07:02 AM
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Originally Posted by tunatango123 View Post
Thats ridiculous . I leave my tackle,on my boat all season for 25 years now. The only rust i have encountered is if i dont was a plug off and put it back the cheap hooks will,rust. Aside from that there is tackle all over that is fine in my boat
I'm with this guy^^^^

Lures get dropped in a bucket of fresh water after use. Spread out to dry and then put away on the boat. I have a tackle station that is full of all sorts of stuff. Then, some lure bags in the cabin. It would take me for ever to haul all the stuff off the boat.
Hooks that are bought in bulk boxes are also stored in the Cabin. We take out what we think we need for the day and put them in the tackle trays in the rigging station.

Nothing worse than having someone with dripping wet salty hands digging around in a box of 100 hooks dripping salt over them. That will give you a box of 100 rusty hooks in a heartbeat. That's gonna happen to that same box of hooks if you take them home with ya. Once 1 thing starts rusting every thing it comes in contact with will also rust.

I have never seen any charter boat take all the tackle off the boat. No need to if you watch what your doing.
Treat and clean you tackle just like the boat and you will be fine.
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Like above post, All fished gear comes off boat, flushed in fresh water, then left indoors for ad ay or 2. Then I generally pack it back on the boat or load it back on as I head out for next fishing trip. The gear not used that day stays on boat. Generally I have no issues, Of course rods and reels stored in doors.
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Originally Posted by Grady222 View Post
OK guys here’s the question do you store and leave plugs, lures, hooks etc. on your center console? I have a Grady with a Plano storage box setup. I feel like if I leave anything in there for any kind of time all the hooks get rusty. Do you guys actually rinse everything off after you finish or spray your stuff with WD-40 or anything?

I use waterproof tackle trays and desiccant. The trays go inside a tackle bag. It stays in the boat but my boat is trailered and not always in a “salty” environment.
Academy had the waterproof Plano tackle trays on sale recently. Not sure if they still are or not.
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With a Plano box set up I get many boxes and set them up by type of fishing. They all come off the boat in one of this bags set up for the boxes and every trip the baggage get packed with appropriate boxes and then get transferred to the slots in the boat’s tackle center. At end of day reverse. When home that day or next all stuff used gets soaked in fresh water and - important - allowed to try before getting out back
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Originally Posted by barrell View Post
Ill tell you again, Spray all lures and hooks with PAM. It works. Its vegetable oil so it wont scare fish. Leave you hook boxes on boat year round.Plugs get a little sticky but it washes off when you use them.
Gonna give this a try...

I also use evapo-rust. Throw everything in a bucket of the stuff and the next day .... rust is gone, turns rusty metal black, non toxic.

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I have a fresh water sink with a sprayer faucet. I spray out my boxes and they have a drain hole.

I would need a golf cart with a trailer to get all my stuff back to the truck. Carrying 10 or so rods and 2 buckets of iced fillets in my task in life.

Hooks get sharpened or replaced as needed on the way out or in.
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This sport costs too much in my opinion not to go the extra mile with a thorough washing and stored in my closet/garage. Then again I financed my boat so I'm in the THT minority when it comes to being flush with cash.
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After having a fresh water sink, I now considered it something I will not live without.

The key is to rinse the salt off right after use, then they can drip dry. Everything that comes off a swivel during the day goes into the sink so to seprate them from the clean lures and between rinsing them and washing hands like 20 times during the day, salt water oxidation doesn't have long to start. Then they go into a box that gets another spray out and a drip dry, and no rusting fine hook points that get affected before anything larger.

Taking them home to do it gives them more time to rust and it doesn't take a day to dull a hook point or stain a nice finish imo.
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My tackle never sees completely fresh water. Even the city water has some salt in it. Rust happens.

However, I prolong my tackle with a product similar to Corrosion X or Corrosion Block. I use a product called ACF 50. I spray it into the ziplocks and tackle containers that contain my rigs and terminal tackle. I have lately been using those boxes with the water resistant seals and multiple locks which also helps.
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Large bulk never goes on the boat...I have a Plano box just for hooks, swivels etc that gets loaded beforehand..weights go into the plastic coffee can with lids so.they don't end up.all over..I use a couple of the silica packets in all my boxes that stay on the boat..any lures and weights i.use get tossed in a bucket and soaked in freshwater at the end of the day... typically I have very little issue with my systems...aside from boat being in shape it takes me 1 hour to load 200# of ice, rods reels, bean bags and gear...hook.boat to truck and ready usually takes about 2.5 hours to.put it all away after it's dried off..
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Mineral oil is odorless and colorless. I put it lures and hooks in trays. In the laxative section at drug store.
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Zerust tabs have seemed to help me.. still take the effort to keep salt out..
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What have you guys been using on hooks with mono rigs like deep drop or spools of leaders. Is there anything that wont make the mono cloudy?
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All my used hooks get tossed, my terminal gear gets washed in clean fresh water, then dried for a day, before it goes back into my storage boxes.I use my and gear a least once a week in salt water. Works well for me.
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Originally Posted by gettinthere View Post
What have you guys been using on hooks with mono rigs like deep drop or spools of leaders. Is there anything that wont make the mono cloudy?
Mineral oil.
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