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Bucket list fishing vacations

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Default Bucket list fishing vacations

As my dad gets older it has really hit me and I want to make the most of the time that we have left. In 2017 (with the help of several members on THT) I put together his dream trip in Alaska and we had an awesome time. I'd also like to start putting together a bucket list for myself long term.. Living in coastal NC I've been spoiled, but I know as of now a few places I would like to go and am open to any other good experiences any of you have had, fresh or saltwater. I don't much care about catching marlins and definitely not bonefish.

Bucket list species: (Freshwater)
Northern Pike and/or Musky
Large Lake Trout
Steelhead Trout
Arctic Grayling
Arctic Char
Dolly Varden
Trophy Smallmouth

Bucket list species: (Saltwater)
Goliath Grouper
Black Grouper
Nassau Grouper
Mutton Snapper
Queen Trigger
White Seabass
Kelp Bass
Cubera Snapper

Current trips planned:
Fall '18 - Florida Panhandle
Spring '19 - Florida Keys

Future trips in consideration:
Return to Alaska
Galveston Texas (Trophy Specs)
SoCal (White Seabass)
Dominican Republic
Lake El Salto
Pacific Northwest

Any other places not on the list anybody has experienced and really enjoyed? Open to anything to add to the list...
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Costa Rica-quepos or los suenos
Panama -tropic star lodge-inshore for roosters, snappers, etc.-no need for offshore, unless you want that experience
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Bucket List Fish: Roosterfish

Bucket List Location: Alaska for Halibut and Salmon
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salt - love belize. its an english speaking country so good communication with the guides with groups from the us.

fresh - for 20Ē brookies, rainbows, cutthroats, hybrids, and the infamois golden trout. look into high altitude wind river range (wy). there are horse packers so you donít have to hike far.

northern norway for giant halibut and giant migratory cod (?). some great lodges up there weíve been to.
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Southeast Florida can be a spot for several of your saltwater species, plus peacock bass and clown knife fish if you want to add some exotic stuff to your freshwater list. A little surprised that tarpon isn't on your list?
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Peacock Bass
Golden Dorado
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I have fished all over MX, the US, and Central America and I have yet to see anything that touches a wide open albacore live bait bite in the northwest.

Easy to get to (2 hours from PDX), no limits, no crowds, and you come home with 60-80 lbs of tuna loins on a good day.

We are booked up for life with existing customers, but there are plenty of other outfits that can get you out.

Captain Miike

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Honduras islands for fly and offshore. Seychelles...need the lottery. Christmas Island, South Pacific.
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Los Suenos and Dominican are my bucket list locations left. Crossed Bermuda off this spring.

You need to get tarpon on that list. And no babies either. 80+ lb class.
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Great feedback so far guys. I've been able to hook up on some tarpon here on accident but a full on blitz down in Florida would be cool.

I hadn't ever really considered that style of live bait albacore fishing in the pacific northwest but that does seem like a lot of fun, kinda spoiled here with yellowfins bigeyes and giant BFT!
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Bluefin Tuna - anywhere they are biting
Peacock Bass - Amazon
Grander Blue Marlin - the place with the best chance to hook into one
Spearfish - not sure where

Just a few off the top of my head. There are more places I would like to go and species I would like to catch. I just need to figure out an easier way to pay for all the fun I have in mind lol.
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Oil rigs with the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company for YF. Swords with Nick Stanzyck. Sails on the L&H in Miami. Urban tarpon with Capt Jeff Maggio in Lauderdale.
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For the musky, lake St Clair in Michigan.
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If you want super sized yellowtail and swordfish then consider New Zealand and/or south east Australia.

For a fresh water challenge, what about the New Guinea black bass?

Or perhaps one of the Pacific islands for arm stretching GTís or dogtooth tuna?
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You can knock out a good number of those bottom fish in the Tortugas, Yuri on Two Fish or Greg on Yankee Capts are the way to go down there and that is a great fishery.

As as others have said, Tropic Star is incredible for a wide variety of species and for the overall experience. Costa Rica is also a great fishery and like Tropic, wide variety and cool experience.

You can do a a wide variety of species in Venice, La too, from bottom fish to billfish to big tunas and big redfish, to me itís a must experience destination.

For snook and goliaths, pretty hard to beat SE FL in the summer. Snook bunch up in the inlets in Ft Pierce, Stuart and Jupiter and BIG Goliaths can be handlined on the shallow wrecks or bridges.

Good luck! Fulfilling fish dreams is always a blast!!
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Hit up the Niagara river for steelhead, brown trout and lake trout you could catch a monster of all three species and with the right guide possible trophy smallmouth and musky.

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Cairns- monster Black Marlin!!!
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You have to be loaded to do it, but the bucket list trip of all trips is cairns black marlin. Itís my understanding that you fish the reef during the morning and then fish for grander blacks in the afternoon. Some of those reef fish redefine the word ďexoticĒ. Check out Ali housainiís trip on local knowledge tv fishing with Nomad luresóitís on YouTube. When I first started traveling to fish, I had the mindset that Iíve paid to play, and the fish are a guarantee. Once you spend thousands and get skunked, a lot changed for me. So now, when choosing my destinations, cost is always a major consideration, but Iím more interested in my odds of hooking up. Again, Iíve never been to cairns, but I understand itís as close to a guarantee as you can get during season. Pacific sails in panama are a slam dunk too, along with gift in Canada. Iíd love to catch a rooster fish, a sword in the keys, and marlin in Hawaii, but Iíve moved these trips slightly further down the list because hookup rates seem to be a little lower. If youíre well off, expensive boat rides are less of an issue.
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Australia Great Barrier Reef, dream trip? Cruise there on my 75’ yacht and spend a year hopping from Australian port to Australian port catching fish along the way. Picking up some strange here and there.
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