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Mate Drug Test

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Default Mate Drug Test

I worked on a boat here in the northeast this past summer. Winter rolls around and I was picked for a random drug test, problem being I was back at school and capt didn't think i was coming back to work for him. But as it turns out i am available this summer and want to work. He told the maritime consortium that i no longer worked for him. First, if he is under the maritime consortium must I also get tested through them? His idea was to go to a different agency... Second, do you think there is anyway to talk our way through this with the consortium or am i screwed?
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You were picked for a random test but you were already back at school. No problem, the captain did the right thing. But you are going to work for him now right? No problem, you simply need a pre-employment test and then go back into the consortium. You will need to be subject to random testing in the quarter following your pre-employment test.

No, you do not have to be tested through that consortium. No reason to discuss with the consortium. Get a pre-employment DOT drug test and then add your name to the roster the following quarter.
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I've used maritime consortium. The owner of the business is responsible for notifying the employee they have been chosen or to notify the consortium you are not currently working and should be removed. It's not a big deal to them once they are notified you are out of the program.

He probably just needs to have your name added again and pay another fee. I doubt they reported you to the coast guard. I doubt they listed you as non compliant (unless they already sent you a letter you didn't mention). They would only do that if you failed to appear when the owner notified you. The paperwork says 24 hours, but it's 24 hours from when your employer notifies you, not when they notify him.

Sometimes people are at sea so the owner has lattitude to wait until you are available. At least I think that's it works with them. It may have changed.
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