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Do Tuna Still Require Big Reels?

Old 05-07-2019, 11:37 AM
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I fish with Avets and love my HXW Raptors for this purpose. Contact John on here @ fishaholic32. He will take care of you with an awesome deal.
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As said above it depends on the drag you are able to fish with the leader and line size used to catch the tuna you are after. I am currently using 30 wides filled with 100lb hollowcore and topped with 75 yards of 60 mono with either a 60 or 80lb leader. We made pretty quick work of 3 100 lb class yellowfins with 16lbs of drag, all the fish were caught in about 30 minutes and the fish didn't have the spools down to less than a half of spool after the first run. Probably going to Talica 25's next season just due to weight and the majority of the fishing I do is for mahi which the lighter reel will help. I have a set of 50 wides for highspeed trolling that I will keep.
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Originally Posted by Lizard35 View Post
Used to fish them commercially in the eighties. Anymore fight then 40 minutes and the meat is gone. The adrenalin the fish is making in the fight cooks the fish and you now have cat food to sell.

this holds true true for release as well, the quicker they are released, the greater their chances of survival.
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Originally Posted by nuffaredy View Post

this holds true true for release as well, the quicker they are released, the greater their chances of survival.
There is absolutely ZERO scientific evidence supporting this from both commercial fisherman and scientists that have worked together using satellite tags. NONE!!!

As a matter of fact - VIMS did a study on pelagics that actually shows fish released within the first 8 minutes suffer the most post release mortality so your assumption is completely wrong.

Attention everyone reading this thread - fight time has nothing to do with post release mortality. It is 100% dependent on the skill of captain and crew and how well the handle and resuscitate the fish.

Fish on long lines for hours on end have near 100% survivorship based on satellite tag data to further dispute the above claim.
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