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Split charter with one big fish?

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Originally Posted by Tperkerson View Post
This past week my new wife and I went on a fishing charter out of St. Lucia, it was pretty unproductive with a mate that swears he was doing everything he could, except for the fact that he left each bait out for at least and hour and they came back bitten in-half EVERY TIME, but that's not the point of this post...

At one point he mentioned that they fought a blue marlin for 4 hours on one of their trips. there were 6 people on the boat (3 husband/wife couples) and we each took 15 minute turns in the chair waiting for a bite. So lets say one of us hooks a giant marlin right out of the gate, does the 1st person get to fight that fish to the end? What if it takes the entire half day trip to get it in?
I don't know about you but if I was handed a rod on a big fish just because it was my turn, I would hate to think about losing that fish on my crank after 3 other people fought it for an hour.
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On a charter, if it's your turn then reel in the fish and have fun, if you choose to give up the rod to someone else then good for you. Either way everyone should go home home with some fish.
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Thats why you need to go out there by yourself! no one is going to believe you caught it if some one else was on the boat....
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