Battery Usage for Electric Reels

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Default Battery Usage for Electric Reels

I have a Bluewater 23T with dual batteries on a dual battery switch. The boat came wired with electric reel connects. The boat has a single engine 300 hp Suzuki. My question is should I run the motor will anchoring or drifting while the electric reels are deployed or switch to the battery that powers the reel plugs and back to dual when cranking and underway. Just curious to see what others do. Thanks!!
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Most instances that you will be running an electric reel you will be running the engine as well, which is why most are never concerned about this. If you insist on fishing from a dead boat, are confident in 1 battery starting your engine, I would say run the reels off one battery and leave one unmolested to start the engine. All reels will pull different current at different times under different loads. The harder you are pulling for longer, the more current it draws. For LP reels, the current draw is approximately half the tension of the line when winding in. So if you're pulling 40lbs, it is pulling 20A, 100lbs 50A, etc. Smaller electric reels i would doubt are much less current per given load, especially if they have brushed motors, which are far less efficient. Lot of factors here.
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Thanks for the feedback!!
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I can't give near as much detail as hamma, but I fished on a friends BW 2550 this weekend that didn't have a plug to house power so we used a lawnmower battery placed on the deck. We used a banax k1000 and spent a full day dropping. I was pretty impressed that the small battery powered the reel all day with no noticeable power loss. With a bigger reel it probably wouldn't have worked, but it worked for us. I will say that if you're dropping in any current then you will want your engine running to keep you relatively stationary.
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presumably, if you're using an electric reel, you're fishing in water that's probably 400+ feet deep. I don't see you anchoring in that. Therefore, you'll be drifting, and like others have said, you'll often need to use the motor to control the drift. So the motor will never be shut off and the alternator should be plenty to keep up with the demands of the reel throughout the day.

I'm also assuming that Bluewater set up the system so that you have a starting battery and a house battery. At least I hope so. Now, this is getting a little bit away from your original question, but your comment about switching the battery switch back and forth during the day had me raise an eyebrow.
You need to verify how the boat is setup from the factory. It SHOULD be designed so that you don't have to do anything with the battery switch except turn it on in the morning and off at the end of the day. The starting battery gets a charge from the alternator like normal. The house battery gets a charge through either the Aux charging lead from the engine or from an automatic charging relay.
The starting and the house batteries shouldn't be connected to each other.
You want it set up so that you can run that second battery totally dead and still have a fully charged starting battery to get you home. And with either of the two setups I mentioned, that is how it would work. And you'd never once have to worry about switching the battery switch during the day or if you're running out of juice for your electric reels (well, I guess you'd technically have to think about that, but realistically it won't ever be a concern).

To summarize -- verify how Bluewater wired the boat. The two batteries should be getting a charge without you having to do anything with the battery switch. If that's not the case, make it the case.
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I’ve been using Electra mates 620 XP’s for years. I usually anchor in anywhere from 100 - 250 ft of water.
I shut the engine off. I have plugs and receptacles for them.
there are times when they are cranking pretty constantly for hours. I also usually have the sounder and the GPS on the entire time.
not that I haven’t worried about it, I have. But it has yet to be a problem. I always have 2 batteries and run everything off one so that in the event I kill or seriously drain one, I still have another to start the engine. I have never had to switch the batteries.

Your mileage may vary. Different reels may drain juice differently, just passing on what I have experienced.
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