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Why hire a verified professional to transport your boat

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Default Why hire a verified professional to transport your boat

Whether you are a new boat owner or a salty sea captain your boat is most likely a pretty sizable investment. Almost daily we hear someone talk about how expensive it is to move a boat and how they can do it much cheaper themselves or worse "they have gotten a better quote on uShip". Before I even get started on the uShip thing let me first start by saying if you have invested a good bit of time and money into buying and owning your boat you probably want it to arrive quickly and most importantly IN 1 PIECE.

I often relate this analogy to potential clients, you probably love to eat a nice steak once and a while and you have tons of options to get one. You could go to the store and buy one, but then you have to factor in the time invested in preparing dinner, grilling it, setting the table, cleaning dishes after the meal. You could go to "fill in the blank of your local average diner" and get a steak for cheap and skip most of the process above but you may or may not thoroughly enjoy it because it is after all a cheap steak... Or you could go to Flemmings, Ruth's Chris, or fill in the blank of your local high end steakhouse, you know they will deliver a quality like no other, a service like no other, and a wonderful dining experience. The difference between all of the above options is the price and time, sure you can do it cheaper but you will have a hard time beating a professional at his own game. Always remember you tend to get what you pay for.

There are a bunch of companies that can move your boat, but they are not all created equal. If you search just these forums you will know who the top companies are that will handle your pride and joy with the level of professionalism and service that you would want. With boat prices today easily reaching the million dollar mark don't skimp on the transport aspect, if you have a high dollar boat but decide to go with Bob's Discount Boat Movers don't be surprised when it arrives late, damaged, and then you find out he is underinsured or not insured...

Just a word on uShip for a moment, first off uShip is not a specialized shipping company, in fact they are not even a legal broker. They are a middle man company that takes approximately 18% of the quoted price from the actual driver that will be delivering your vessel. uShip does not ensure that all of the transporters that use their service are qualified to move your boat, many of them do not have DOT or MC numbers which are required in order to legally transport, if they don't have legal operating authority they can not have commercial trucking insurance or cargo insurance. If something happens uShip will say that you must take it up with the transporter that you hired and that they are not responsible for anything beyond putting you in contact with a driver... Just do a Google search for uShip complaints....

So, whether you decide to use us or use another transport service I would encourage you to ask the questions:
Do you have a legal operating authority?
What is your DOT and MC number?
Can you provide me with your commercial liability and cargo insurance COI?
What type of experience do you have with my particular boat?
***When you get someone to provide you with a DOT number do a search for that number and you will instantly see their safety records, whether they are authorized for hire, etc. Make certain that the DOT number they provide you with is the same as their company name, there are a few people out there lurking that have been using stolen DOT numbers that do not come back to their company name, this is a scam...

Saving a buck today and costing you $1000 tomorrow is not a great idea, but at the end of the day, this is your boat and you can do as you please... But, if you care about your boat feel free to contact us and we can get you set in the right direction, our prices will be competitive with leading industry professionals but you can probably get the job done for cheaper somewhere else, but try to get that company to beat our services is going to be a tall order...

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