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Default fuel gauge works but reads incorrectly

My fuel gauge is working, but it is giving a false reading.
It showed 1/2 a tank of gas but I ran out of gas the other day.
I put gas in the tank and the gauge registers a increase in the
level of gas, but I know there is not that much in the tank.
Any ideas what could be wrong? or how to check the true level
in the tank?
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Default RE: fuel gauge works but reads incorrectly

Mudd,If your fuel tank is plastic you can see the level in it if you can acsess the tank.If not pulling the fuel gauge sender out and making a visual check is the only way I know of verifing it.Andy
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Default RE: fuel gauge works but reads incorrectly

Dont forget about the bad gas from shell and many other gas stations during the months of april and may. i work at a car dealership and have seen quit a few cars come in for that same problem. i would imaging that it could effect boats as well.
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