Getting rid of waterline stain

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Default Getting rid of waterline stain

Do you have a product that is easy to use and requires minimal scrubbing to clean waterline staining. My boat sits for an extended period during the summer and invariably the waterline gets that brownish stain along with some growth. I don't want to use something that will remove the wax unless that is all that is available. The hardest area to get clean is under the bracket for the engines. Thanks.
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I get the same problem. Starbrite hull cleaner works great. Spray it on hose it off and takes only minutes.
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Unfortunately, the most effective products are ones that are going to remove wax. With that said, if it's been sitting long enough to have a little growth the wax has almost certainly been used up.

Start with SMC and a White Scrubber Pad (Light Scotch Brite Pad). It should remove any growth and most of your staining. If the brown stain persists, use a small amount of muriatic acid (not as bad as it sounds) and wipe it along wth waterline staining. Rinse thoroughly afterwords and apply some Pro Polish afterwards to re-seal. I hope this helps!
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