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Default Detailing Questions

I am planning on attempting to do a full detail on my boat and need a little help. I bought a 2008 Seafox CC last year that is in pretty good shape but the previous owner neglected it a bit as far as detailing is concerned. I've never detailed a boat so I went on your website and watched all your videos. These were very helpful but I still have a few questions.
  1. How far will a 22oz can of Buff Magic go? I am planning on compounding the inside and outside of the hull so will I be covered with this amount?
  2. What is the shelf life of Buff Magic? If I get a larger container and only use half of it, will it still be good 6 months later when I do this again?
  3. How far will a bottle of Pro Polish go? I am planning on waxing the deck as shown in one of your videos so how many bottles would you recommend for inside/out of hull and deck?
  4. I have some scuff marks on the inside gunnels of the boat from shoes, dive gear, etc. Will these buff out when compounding or do I need to 'scrub' them out first with an abrasive cleaner? Boat soap will not take out the scuff marks.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to getting my hull back to the showroom shine!
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First, let me apologize for the late reply. We were in the Bahamas and my forum work took a backseat.

1. The 22oz jar goes a very long way. I would be amazed if you needed more than a 22oz jar for your SeaFox.

2. Buff Magic is good for around 2 years (according to our chemists, but I have used older product and it worked just fine.) Avoid freezing temperatures, as they can drastically shorten the products life span. 6 months isn't a problem at all.

3. If your waxing the entire boat, including the non-skid, I would pick up two bottles of Pro Polish.

4. Buff Magic will takes those scuff marks right out.
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Awesome, thank you for the response.
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