Clean Bilge = Happy Boat

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Default Clean Bilge = Happy Boat

Guys, lets be real. Nobody enjoys getting into their boats crawl spaces and tiny hatches where goop and grime tends to accumulate. That said, your boats bilge should receive just as much attention, if not more, that the rest of your craft. Many important systems are often housed below the waterline, including the ever important bilge pump and thru-hull fittings. Standing water and grease will deteriorate these components and debris can impeded float switches. Tragic boating moments often start here in the bilge.

Get in there and clean it up. Unscrew your bilge pumps / float switches, uses some Serious Marine Cleaner, and get to work. Use a wire brush to detail the brass strainers if you have them. Have plenty of rags to clean up the grime. While your down there, inspect parts and pumps, looking for potential problems. Be thorough.

Trust me when I say there is a peace of mind on the water knowing that your systems have been inspected, cleaned, and in top shape. Leave the docks with confidence, and a clean bilge.
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