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Default Restoring Glass

Personally, restoring glass is one of the most satisfying projects you can tackle on your boat. Clean and clear glass pulls a boat from dingy to nice in an instant.

Shurhold has a system that brilliantly restores glass from stained and hazed to new again by using our steel wool pads and Buff Magic. You can find the full right up and video here at

The process is pretty simple. Take our bronze wool pad and use it to apply a small amount of Buff Magic to a test area on the glass your are restoring. Work the product in tight circles until the product has disappeared or you have reached the desired clarity on the glass. Wipe the area clean with a microfiber cloth and check for spots or scratches. Repeat as necessary until the desired results have been achieved. Your glass will be looking great in no time!

Remember, this product only works on real glass. Do not try this on plastic, plexiglass, or esienglass!
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