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CHECK your THT email address TODAY

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04-01-2019 until 05-02-2019
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CHECK your THT email address TODAY

Hi THTers,

As you may know, when you register for THT we only require a valid email address and a username of your choosing. This allows you whatever level of online anonymity you choose. It does, however, limit our options if you lose your account password.

Without either your *password* or *access to the email account* you have on file with THT, you CANNOT get into your account again. There is simply no way for us to verify that you are the owner of a given THT member account.

It's never fun for anyone when a longtime member loses access to an account they have used for years. To prevent this, we highly recommend:

1. KEEPING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS UPDATED and making sure you always have access to the one on file. It's best NOT to use a work email, since we don't usually keep them forever, and once access is gone, it's difficult to get back. If you need to send yourself a password recovery email, this is where it will go. If you don't get it, your password is gone. Even administrators do not have access to your password.

If you need to update your email and password, go to USERCP, Edit Email & Password. Remember -- before you start changing your email address, you've got to have your current password OR access to the email account currently on file here. If you've lost both of those things, your account access is already in peril, and you may lose access to THT if your browser software updates!

2. REMEMBERING YOUR PASSWORD. Many people always log into THT on the same browser, with their password saved, and don't type in that password again for years. Remind yourself what your password is before you lose access to your account!

Thank you, and happy fishing!

-The THT Team
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