FCC radio frequency exposure

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Question FCC radio frequency exposure

I'm reading that the FCC requires a minimum of 1 meter vertically between the lowest point of the antenna to the heads of all persons and outside 3 meters maximum exposure radius. I suppose the 1 meter vertical requirment is possible on 25-30 footers but how can you stay outside the 3 meter radius when most boats of these lengths have a beam of 9' or less? Have I been missing somethimg for decades? Does anyone know: Is a grounded metallic shield installed in any boats of this size? Anyone know about Faraday shields? I got into this topic wondering about someone with a pacemaker and reading about proximity to radio transmissions. But the FCC regs seem to apply to all on board. I always thought the transmitted signal emanates from the tip of the antenna. What am I missing?
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Unhappy What!

If what you are saying is correct then every cop car in the US is non-compliant!
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The signal emanates from the whole active length, which is usually almost the whole fiberglass whip.

You can raise it with a 4' mast if you want to meet the requirement. You could also go with a shorter antenna (4') and a 4' mast to do the same and keep the overall length close. Since range is more affected be height, you're not going to affect your range much even if the shorter antenna has a bit less gain.
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