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Default Chirp / Transducer

Looking to go with a Furuno 1971F which has the chirp technology with unit. My question is if I mount a B117 transducer 0 degree tilt will I be able to utilize Chirp or is there a specific transducer I have to use for Chirp to be able to be utilized. I know the B117 works on 50/200 htz frequencies. Am I better utilizing this transducer for the Furuno and just use Chirp on the Garmin 1242xsv?

Question number 2 , if I am already utilizing a Chirp chartplotter / FF can both be run in Chirp mode at the same time? Looking to install a Garmin 1242xsv with GT-51 TH transducer. Not sure if I can run two units in Fishfinder mode at the same time utilizing Chirp. Thanks!

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Running dual CHIRP units no problem...there is excellent filtering to CHIRP units...and they are firing a sweeping band.

You can use the 1971F with a B60, B117 and that will give very good results...especially with rez boost.
You can also use a B75H..fro bottom or B75M for bottom and midwater..a wider cone.

If running CHIRP, you might be better off using a Garmin instead of the FCV 1971F..unless you already have tha tunit of course.


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